Star Wars and A song of Ice and Fire Crossovers
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The world that held Westeros and Essos was one that was not kind to heroes, It was often more beneficial to others if you were to keep silent to the injustices, but a Jedi was not content with that fact. "Trust in the force, and the rest will come shortly."
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AU. Can a knight on the run from his past save a kingdom of ice and fire that is headed towards collapse? Disclaimer: I only own my OC characters, I am unlucky enough to own either Star Wars or A Song of Ice and Fire
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Dark Nox s'écrasa dans les terres gelées du Nord après avoir échappé de peu à une ambuscade de l'Empire de Zakel. Seul, sans ressources, et sans espoir d'assistance, Nox decide de tirer le meilleur de sa situation et se fait une place au sein du pouvoir le plus proche, afin de rebâtir son influence. Avec son arrivée, le destin de Westeros sera changé à jamais. (Traduction)
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