Star Wars and Familiar of Zero Crossovers
Familiar of Zero: Skywalker by HootersBoy123 reviews
Louise wanted a Strong, smart, and wise familiar, but instead of summoning Saito, she instead summoned Anakin Skywalker. A former slave, and now a member of the Jedi Order. The idea of a familiar looks too familiar with the Chosen one. How will he return back to Republic Space?
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Familiar of Zero: The Familiar from the Stars by DewElr reviews
OC is USED. Vaso a miralukan species is summoned by Louise Valliere. How will the people of Tristain react to his Force Abilities and including his species. Note: my previous Star Wars fanfiction will be rewritten here.
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Familiar of Zero: The Jedi Familiar(HALTED) by DewElr reviews
Louise wanted a wise, powerful, divine, and beautiful servant, but she ended up summoning a Jedi and some rebels. Little did she know that she did managed to summon a very powerful Jedi.
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Familiar From the Stars by Trace Carter reviews
Louise wanted a dragon. She got a man. Luckily the man can change into beasts that could eat a dragon for breakfast.
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Dark Lord of Zero by DWAR reviews
The day of the familiar summoning ritual does not go the way Louise Vallière had intended. While she had indeed managed to properly summon a familiar, she had intended to summon a powerful beast, not a red haired man in his early 20's and wearing dark robes. But as she stared into those sickly yellow eyes, she wondered if perhaps it would have been better if she failed.
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Star Wars: Force Zero by Lord Revan Flame reviews
The Sith are defeated, and balance is restored to the Force. The New Republic reigns over the free subjects of the Empire. Elsewhere, however, Halkeginia is on the verge of war. As conflict sparks beyond the walls of the academy, Louise summons a rather powerful man. He has been sent by the Force, and he shall fulfill his destiny in this world that somehow holds remnants of his.
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