StarTrek: Other and Mass Effect Crossovers
Reaper Invasion - The USS Emissary by ColtKit Productions - Verse 42 reviews
Based on "The Last Spartan" by "DinoJake". Takes place during ME2 & 300 years after TNG. The Federation has finally unlocked how to traverse the distance between galaxies. By lowering their mass while entering Warp, they can down cut the trip time to 10 years. Data commands the Starship Carrier "Emissary" & the small fleet it holds. Maybe this wasn't the best time to reactive Lore
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A TNG era crossover between Star Trek and Mass Effect. Commander Shepard of the Federation starship Normandy has discovered that Saren is attempting to do what Starfleet has feared ever since the discovery of the Prothean Archives on Mars: facilitate the return of the Reapers. Now she has to gather her team to stop him and Sovereign, the vangaurd of our destruction.
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An anomaly attracted the attention of the United Federation of Planets to investigate. The council assigned Starfleet to lead in this investigation. What will they find? What information will they gather from the anomaly?
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The USS Marathon, a Nova-class test bed en route to interspecies war games in 2385, finds itself two hundred years in the past, in an alternate universe vastly more alien than any previously discovered—and in dire need a helping hand. Those genocidal cuttlefish will have no idea what's waiting for them.
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A Federation warship, after a devastating encounter with the Borg, is flung into the Mass Effect universe right smack in the middle of the Reaper invasion. The ship's AI is alone, for her crew is in stasis or dead, forcing her to make decisions that will shape the galaxy for millennia to come. Will she stand by the Prime Directive, or intervene, sword raised high? ME/ST, mid-ME3
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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. In an engagement with the Borg, the Sovereign-class Lady Luck and her two Akira escorts are unceremoniously thrown into the Mass Effect Universe. To get home, the stranded Federation starships will have to make hard choices, and meddle in local events in ways that Starfleet would find... unseemly. Goodbye Prime Directive, hello Reapers!
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Classified STG report requested by the Citadel Council regarding all currently available information and findings regarding the extra-dimensional ship 'USS Vanguard'. Summary document only. A/N: This is a supplementary document to support my story "Vanguard:In at the Deep End" Please do not read until you reach the appropriate point in that story.
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