Super Smash Brothers and One Piece Crossovers
Strong World: East Blue Rookies by GAME
Want to read the one piece story but with a few twist? Then come aboard and bring along all your imagination. There won't be to many Nintendo characters for but bear with me for it gets greater. This is the first Chronicals of five where Luffy meets his first crew Mates!
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The Brother Pirates by Lacey Barbed Wire reviews
Mario is dead, killed in battle with Akoji and Kizaru. But all is not lost, for legend has it that Gold Roger kept a powerful artifact capable of bringing the dead back to life with the rest of his treasure. And so Luigi, Daisy, and DK set off to find this artifact and bring Mario back! Part of the BarbedWire Universe.
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Zoro and Sanji's Smashing Adventure by SatanHimself reviews
Join Zoro and Sanji as they go through the Smash Brothers Fighting Contest, along with some newly added fighters, and a guess appearance by Snoop Dogg and Vladimir Putin. Pointless plot twists,shipping and no back story! Watch as Snoop Dogg and Dark Pit get high! Cry as Zoro bangs your waifu! Laugh as Freddy laughs! Written by the one and only Satan! Chapter 9 soon!
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The Multiverse by TimeToTipTheScales reviews
Set in post-Fishman Island, The Strawhat Pirates come across a gigantic, white left hand (Crazy Hand) that appears from a door in the middle of nowhere! Crazy Hand then takes them through the door and separates them, forcing them to explore strange worlds such as the Mushroom Kingdom. What will happen next? Stay tuned for chapter 2! Rated T for coarse language and violence.
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An ocean liner trip went awry when all the adults on board disappeared, so it's up the kids to solve the mystery by going onto an island which they believe is the cause, and there they meet the SH Pirates, who are also there to look for their comrades.
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