Supernatural and Mortal Instruments Crossovers
Heaven's Beach House by monkeygirl77
After the Archangel Michael retrieves his sword, he can't let the deed go without consequence. Our favorite Shadowhunters get an exclusive look at the inner workings of the heavenly family and stuck doing yard work at their beach house. Seriously, Heaven has beach house?
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City of Hunters by FearlessKings reviews
A new set of Shadowhunters is at the Institute after the original group grows up. Not really sure where this is all going, but they are going on an adventure with the Winchester boys. Well, this would be my first ever story, so I'm just gonna see how this goes. Rated T because I honestly have no clue where this is going, but Dean is involved, so...
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A story about the characters from Supernatural and Mortal Instruments come together and fight demons...
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Hunters of Different Kinds by This Girl is on FIRE reviews
What happens when the angel Castiel brings together the Winchesters and the shadowhunters at the New York Institute to stop a mutual threat? Read more to find out! Minor Malec, Sizzy, and Clace in later chapters
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The Search for Reap by Lovelace153 reviews
A cross-over of the TV show Supernatural and book series The Mortal Instruments. Sam and Dean team up with the Shadowhunters back at the Institute to find Greater Demon, Reap, who is letting demons out of Hell.
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City Of Blinding Lights by The Essence Of Randomness reviews
The Shadowhunters of the New York Conclave meet the Winchester brothers. Set a few months before City Of Bones and in between SPN 902 and 903.
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Worlds Collide by Emma L. Wright reviews
Sam and Dean Winchester think they're on just a run of the mill hunt until the brothers meet the shadowhunters of the New York Institute. Worlds collide as Sam and Dean race to help the Nephilim take down Sebastian Morgenstern and his demon army before it's to late for both worlds.
Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Fantasy - Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,800 - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 41 - Follows: 90 - Updated: 10/6/2013 - Published: 8/3/2013 - Sam W., Dean W., Clary F., Jace W.
Touched by an Angel by Paige Elise Hale reviews
The boys are hunting and come across a girl being attacked. After saving her, the boys (plus Castiel of course) learn about the world of Shadowhunting and Dean finds himself sweet on her. *One-shot for now*
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The apocalypse is full swing and Sam and Dean are on a hunt in New York. They run into some unexpected guests with a few questions for them. Post Season 4, during Season 5 Post CoG, Pre CoFA.
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City of Salt by PhanesPhenom reviews
The Winchesters must team up with the Shadowhunters to defeat a common enemy. *I don't own anything. This is just for fun* (This is also my first actual fic that I published)
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Sam and Dean are hunting a demon, but can't kill it. When Jace a Clary come along and save them, the brothers start to ask questions.
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Authors Note by Katara-alchemist reviews
I have moved to Ao3 and will no longer be posting on . The link to my Ao3 account is on my profile. Yes, I'm breaking the rules making this. But I wanted to let you all know and there's no other way for me to do it! It will be taken down soon.
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Supernatural Shadowhunters by Rogue Soul Alchemist reviews
Simon's mom goes missing. Sam and Dean appear. They claim that something odder than usual is going on and attempt to investigate. What's the real reason Castiel asked them to come though?
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I own nothing, ummmm basically about shadow hunters and demons and stuff so yeah! Enjoy!
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When Cas tells them to go to New York with no explanation, Sam and Dean don't know what to expect. When they get there, they find themselves surrounded by hunters with weird markings and are unexpectedly pulled into the fight to protect a "Sighted mundie" with a unique gift, but it's not easy, especially with Jace and Dean always arguing. And just how does Becca fit into the mess?
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The Supernatural Instruments by RamblingsOfABoredFangirl reviews
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Winchesters meet Nephiliem by Pikachu-Potter reviews
The Winchesters have joined forces with some Nephiliem who are both sharing tricks and tips between them to help fight of creature of the dark, preventing out nightmares coming true. Does this story go deeper, do they find new dangers awakening, will they together be able to stop what ever the storm is bringing in?
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How Alec Cured his Angst by Latest From The Asylum reviews
Alec has General Angst, and it sucks like glitter herpes. So he goes out to find a cure to his angst. On his way he meets a pair of hunter brothers, a washed up angel, a devoted roman soldier and a pair of faeries chilling in the middle of Iowa. None of them are in the least bit useful. If only he could meet up with a warlock, maybe he could help cure Alec's angst...
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Now I lay me down to sleep by Paige Elise Hale reviews
Castiel's daughter Kassidy has always had a connection with Dean. After being forbidden to see him, she goes missing for a year and a half. Where has she been? She returns to the Winchesters and her family with strange marks all over her body and she's a better hunter, but there are certain things she refuses to do. Later, she explains to Dean and Sam.PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK.
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Secret of the Archangels by I-sold-my-soul-for-a-cookie reviews
For centuries, the archangels have hid the Nephilim from all, and now, their secret is out. Will the Shadowhunters help the Winchesters in their fight against Lucifer, or will they turn a blind eye? AlecxMagnus, JacexClary, one-sided DeanxClary.
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Arrogance by Hizashii reviews
Cuando lo ve se pregunta por qué siguen existiendo seres tan arrogantes.
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