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Artemis Fowl discovers a strange, unidentifiable ooze and, before he knows it, is thrown into a world of turtles and rats and Feet and pizza, and nothing will ever be the same.
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well I hope you like it so far please give me some ideas for what should happen next! :) Raph Chick
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Tara was born fifty years after the Reach took over. Recently she has been given a new chance at life and the ability to stop what happened all those years ago but to do so she must join the Young Justice team. They know she's hiding something, but could the answer lie in the turtle shaped phone she carried with her? Rated T for death, violence and implied swearing. On Hold
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They were cast out, they were alone. With only a small string of hope, they managed to find each other. And slowly, they're managing to become the heroes that this city so desperately needs. The Turtles are no longer a team, not without their Sensei. What do they do now that there are new ninja's jumping across New York roof tops? Next Generation Fic rated T for violence (duh)
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