Torchwood and Captain America Crossovers
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Captain Jack Harkness runs into Steve and Bucky during WWII. When he says goodbye he assumes he'll never see them again, but is surprised when years later he runs into Steve.
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Steve sucked in a breath, staring at the door in front of him. Could it be? No, it was impossible. Foolish to think. Yet he couldn't quite shake it from his mind. Jack couldn't be dead. It was impossible! After seventy years, Steve finds the trace of a man he used to know. All he has to do is open a door. Jack Harkness/Steve Rogers.
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When he first crashed into the ice, his head had been a whirlwind of regrets and missed opportunities. But the biggest of them all, the most pressing and desperate and fierce, was the fact that he'd never see Captain Jack Harkness again. It now appears that such a sentiment was unnecessary.
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Captain Jack and Captain America meet twice in there lives once during World War 2 and once during Steve's time as an Avenger, Small Sherlock crossover if you know what you are looking for, No Slash rated T for Jacks Flirting Disclamer don't own either Torchwood, Captian America, or Sherlock
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