Torchwood and Hetalia - Axis Powers Crossovers
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Captain Jack remembers an old friend from a long time ago. But what happens when that friend reappears? And what does Ianto have to do with it? Oneshot, mild Janto, Jack/Fr, and Fr/Joan of Arc. Ianto denial? I'm totally not in Ianto denial. Rated T for language. Warning: Research geek ahead. Update: Now going to be a series of oneshots! Yay! With more characters, pairings, etc.
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After walking around Cardiff, Prussia finds himself meeting somebody unexpected.
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Ianto Jones did not die. I am not in denial. Shhh. Ianto is Wales and him surviving totally makes sense now :) - Oh and Janto! This is not being continued! Instead I am going to do a rewrite of Torchwood from CoE4 onwards, keep your eyes out for that :)
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It's the end of the Second World War and Prussia has taken the fall for his brother. Now in Allied hands he can only wait as they decide his fate. But through an unexpected turn of events the ex-nation finds himself in Cardiff, 70 years after the war and faced with a new challenge; Torchwood. Hetalia/Torchwood crossover, no romance except a bit of Janto (nothing too explicit)
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It had been 225 years and he hadn't aged a day. Then again, if Jack were to say it was weird then he would have been a hypocrite. But what he didn't get was what Ianto had to do with any of this.
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