Transformers/Beast Wars and Monster High Crossovers
Monsters And Machines by newbienovelistRD reviews
Worlds truly collide when the Rescue Bots and their partners meet the freaky fabulous students of Monster High!
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Jack had never been able to fit in. Everyone treated him like a freak and he never knew why. So when Headmistress Bloodgood appears and offers him a chance to take part in an exchange program at monster high, how could he refuse? Will jack be able to fit in? Or will it be the same as the rest of his life? (No bot fights in this.) JackxOC later
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Transformers Prime Welcome to Monster High The Story by lagoonabluepj reviews
Ok sorry i have been very busy with school i am a junior this year so i have to do a lot of work this year to graduate next year with my class so i am trying to update as fast as i can... When Miko is invited to go to Monster High and the boys and the bots try to get there and find her, will she find out that everything is not always what it screams!
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this is going to be my first story so to all who will read it bare with me :)
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