Treasure Planet and Quest for Camelot Crossovers
The Golden Staff of Ybonzo by lisa602 reviews
Jim is captain of his own ship, the White Whale, and he and his crew are sent on a dangerous mission to retrieve the Lost Golden Staff of Ybonzo. Invited along on the voyage is Lady Kayley of the Knights of the Round Table, some of her friends, as well as Sinbad and some of his crew members. There are dangers along the ways and most importantly near their destiny. Enjoy!
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No Dont Hurt Her by FrancineBlossom reviews
Anastasia and Dimitri have a son; Jim, who grows up into this rebellious teenager, who happens to be friends with a servant girl named Kayley. Now, Kayley has a crush on Jim, but because he's born under royalty so she could never be with him for his parents hate her.
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Kayley finds herself new and alone in Bronx Academy High School. That is, until she meets Jim. He doesn't take kindly to the talkative girl, however, and the two of them learn to loathe each other. But fate has something else in store...
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School project & spinoff from my story "Secondhand Smoke". Things turn chaotic for Jim and Kayley when Monique's most prized possession suddenly goes missing. And could it be that Kayley's perspective of her newfound relationship puts a twist on things?
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