Winx Club and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossovers
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It's not everyday your world is turned upside down, but that's exactly what happened to sixteen year old Sapphire. Having uncovered a secret that could affect the future, two opposing sides call for her unwavering loyalties. Left to figure out who she truly is, can Sapphire pull through in time to spell out the fate of two different worlds? An 'Enemies to Family' rewrite!
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I learned my Father was not my Father, but my Step-Father. My real Father was actually one of the Greek Gods, my enemies, the exact people that my warriors, and I fight against. My true Father was someone I grew up believing as my enemy. Rated T in case. This will be removed in due course. Read the updated story in 'Familial Foes'
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What happens when Bloom turns up at Camp Half-Blood, looking for Aisha, and tells her that the giants are raising Kronos, Valtor & Aphophis with the help of Setne and a prophecy is revealed from Rachel, almost killing her. Read as the Demigods, Magicians and Fairies come together. Rated T just in case. PERMANENT HIATUS, PM IF WANTING TO ADOPT.
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Kronos got a Secret weapon that tip the balance of the Second Titian War and Kill Percy Jackson the Son of the Sea God. No one knows who she is and how Kronos produce an offspring but only he, Titian, and the monsters how he did it while he still in pieces in the depths of Tartarus. Also, Artemis, Annabeth, and Zoe are in love with Percy and they share love with him.
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Please is is my first fanfiction so go easy on me.
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Six will face six with one of both worlds... Roxy is a demigod. She falls in love, has to fight her friends, and being half of each of the two fighting worlds. Not to mention her parents.
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