Wreck-It Ralph and Five Nights at Freddy´s Crossovers
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When the new game gets plugged in, Vanellope begs Ralph to go explore it, which he obviously agrees to. But little do they know that this game is more than meets the eye with it's roaming animatronics that they will have to end up facing with only the safety of an office with minimal power to protect them.
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The Core Four are all invited to come celebrate a night of fun, food, and entertainment at the newly installed game Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria. They were never told about it's after hours dark secret. Join the Core Four, and my OC Kai, as they try to survive six hours of danger. Rated T for darker themes and violence.
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A short while after the shutdown of the Freddy Fazbear cabinet, all of its inhabitants from games past and their arcade friends try to move on with their lives. However, something seems to be holding them back from doing so, and when the darkest secret yet is revealed, all hell will break loose. Will the "final chapter" spell "game over" for our heroes? Co-written by Dixie Darlin.
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[One-Shot] There are many characters dealt bad hands in life by game developers that stumble into Tapper's, but there is one particular man that shifts between two peculiar colors who is definitely among the top ten characters that have it the worst.
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At last, the sequel arrives! Embark on another journey through the horrors within the new, and unwelcome, game that is plugged in GCS. As the core four and Mike delve deeper into the lore that exists within the game, they will discover secrets and truths that some never wanted to be revealed. Will they be lucky enough to survive this time? Co-written by myself and Dixie Darlin.
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A new game is plugged in, and after meeting the protagonist, Mike, Vanellope convinces her friends to help her "babysit" the in game eatery while he gets some well needed rest. However, the core four soon find that this was the worst decision they made; if not their last. Will they be able to survive until the next quarter drop? Co-written by myself and the noteworthy Dixie Darlin!
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