X-overs and Dragon Ball Z Crossovers
Infinite Loops Project: The Yggdrasil Olympics by Wixelt
Come one, come all to a sporting event, the likes of which the multiverse has never seen. Watch as characters, Anchors, Loopers and Admins alike, come from far and wide for this one off loop of time for some friendly competition. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Yggdrasil Olympics. Part of the Infinite Loops Project.
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King Kai assembles a group of warriors from several universes with one mission in mind- to make them the most popular team in the multiverse. But what he gets is not something he bargained for. How will he deal with these people. And do they have what it takes to fulfill his dreams?
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Have you ever thought of a movie scene that you thought might be better with one or more characters being Saiyans and wondered how they might play out? Well I have come up with some examples myself and am sharing with the world. So please enjoy.
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I like most love the Death Battle episode. But I felt the prefight should have been taken more seriously. In this one Goku issues a friendly challenge to the man of steel.
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A young man finds himself tasked with bringing peace to the universe and beyond.
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i know the last story was horrorable but this one is really good soon part two will be funny plus i put a new name to the team,its way cooler hope you enjoy! ps:please review. it rated k for some cursing. Chapter 3 is finally up!
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This is just a wiki thing that show all about the chararcters now you can find out is there favorite food whats is there height. ps:i had to look everywhere for there age and other thing please review.
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The Z-Fighters and the Soul Reapers face a foe too great for them so they must call upon the aid of the legendary Demon Hunter Dante and Hellsing Org. agents Seras Victoria and Alucard to face a foe that is not only a Saiyan, but a Vampire Demon.
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