X-overs and Godzilla Crossovers
Project Gojira Monarchia: The Daikaiju of the Asteria Draconis by Dracorithyia Eridanuse
These are the accounts compiled together about the stories about some of the most powerful creatures in existence running amok amongst a multiverse who has little to no idea of their existence... Only time would how long they'll wreak havoc before their recapture back to their home within the Asteria Draconis once more.
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Godzilla and X-overs by KaijuMaster19 reviews
KaijuMaster19's Message
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Age of the Titans by GojiGrimlockSaurus reviews
In honor and tribute of Godzilla: King of the Monsters, this one-shot series will mostly focus on Godzilla and King Ghidorah. This will focus on how each fictional universe will react to them and other Titans when they stomp into the fray. As monsters vie for supremacy, all hell will break loose, and nothing will ever be the same. As one wise scientist said, "Let them fight."
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the Walker series: files by Steelredwolf reviews
The peace keepers, the destroyers, the Walkers, people or aliens that are capable of speaking to Titans or having the Titans powers, all their history and information are within this so dive in and find out about this Titan speakers. A part of the Walker series
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The Universe is vast, mysterious, even dangerous. Forces of Good and Evil in an eternal struggle. And yet the small, relatively young planet Earth seems to be the point of Cosmic Balance. As such, she is protected by the mightiest of Guardians. But the Forces of Evil are not easily deterred. This collection of one-shots and shorts is to establish my Kaiju Universe.
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Creatures & Damsels: Vive La France by Japan Boy reviews
Part two of a three-part Disney / Toho trilogy: taking an unexpected detour to Paris, France after their ordeal in Russia, the Benice, Fleming & Sugimoto families meet up with a French man who has a hidden agenda as they encounter both gangsters & goliaths in a race against time to stop disaster from expanding beyond the city limits of Paris. Kindly review if read.
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Part one of a three-part Disney / Toho trilogy: having discovered a theft of Godzilla's blood & tissue samples in the Sea of Japan, the Benice, Fleming & Sugimoto families all travel to Russia & get caught in a deadly game of Russian Roulette that will put the three families on the start of a dark path they could never begin to imagine. Kindly review if read.
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Godzilla begins an adventure like no other combatting foes the likes of which he has never seen before. This is the Showa era version of Godzilla from the 50-70s films. Story crosses over with Charmed, Angel, LOTR, Smallville, Van Helsing(the 2004 movie), Xena, The Matrix, Spiderman(the original film trilogy) and allot more.
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A rift forms within the monster graveyard allowing Kaiju to reform anywhere in the universe. This a war breaks out between ultras and monster as well as monsters and humanity. To counter the oncoming hordes researchers in mutant and Kaizer powers found a breakthrough which may help the world. Riders, Sentai, and every Kaiju combined. Looking for authors to write, details within.
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the Kaiju of the Toho universe are sent to different worlds and it all leads up to one big crisis
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