X-overs and Misc. Tv Shows Crossovers
The Proof is in the Juice by TheRealJudgeJudy
Judge Judy takes on the Trial of the Century.
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Warriors of the past and present go head-to-head in a battle to determine who is...THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!
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Lastman universe. Somewhere between 15th and 26th episode. The Creature decides to pay a visit, the roitelet isn't amused.
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Welcome To The Family by phasha18
Kali is a powerful young woman with various connections of a supernatural nature. She returns home to New York City after some time away to help bring some order to the chaos that's been happening. Contains: Supernatural, The Covenant (film), The Vampire Diaries, Charmed, True Blood, The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices (film/books *will contain minor spoilers*).
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For the Last Time by Henry Stone
Events in a far-off future set a panic in motion, when a Terminator chased by hunters, demons and government agents penetrates Stargate Command to rip a whole through time and space to let loose millenia worth of havoc on our time! While the madness unfolds, can the Doctor track down those behind it all?
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Interviews by LittleDalekBeetle
I am really going out on a limb here, but this is a super-mega-crossover thing consisting of two interviewers interviewing many different people/characters. I chose TV crossovers as the second category because I didn't know what else to pick. Anyway, first two chapters are horribly tedious, but (I think) necessary. Should get better as it progresses. I will accept suggestions! R&R!
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Every Girl's Dream? by kikio135 reviews
This is about the relationship between a regular girl Helen and kpop star Chunji of Teen Top. Their love sprouts from an accidental encounter but becomes a steady couple. However, their relationship meets many obstacles and now the question is, will they overcome these obstacles or will the obstacles break them apart?
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Fire and Brimstone: The Donald Trump Saga, Part I by spoopytanuki reviews
Donald Trump, the king of Egyptian Cotton and Gold, meets his crush, Gordon Ramsay and is invited to star on Hell's Kitchen. However, everything is not right! Donald may have gotten himself into more trouble than he could have ever asked for.l
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A collection of fics that got started but never finished or even published. Up for adoption if you're REALLY persuasive.
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Tron Uprising Evolution: Salvation of The Grid by ProtomanV reviews
This in a AU Version of Tron Uprising with added info from the Tron Universe and contains elements/weapons/characters from: Megaman BN Series, Megaman Z series, KH Universe, Megaman SF series, Sonic Universe, Star Wars, TOS, Borderland 2, AC Series, FFXIII, FFVXIII, Dissida 012, Fallout NV *If you are unfamiliar with any of the concepts/characters/weapons/powers please use Google.
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I honestly never thought I would write something like this but being a fan of both shows, it was fated ! Aquabats meet the citizens of Lazytown in this zany mashup.
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Chapter 2 of my fan fiction, My First Love.
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My First Love by juli3posey
A crossover fan fiction about Logan Lerman and the Secret Circle.
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Miss Cinderellie chapter one by Jaelee
The first time Jae has ever let herself, and she gets herself into a strange situation. Meeting a strange mysterious guy at a ball would seem almost normal for her, but meeting a Korean Pop singer from Shinee? that's a whole different story.
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Short-real short story about friendship and love. Two Coreys...dedicated to Haim!
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Things don't ever go right for Zack Scott. After meeting a member of the Ten Wise Men, things begin to mysteriously appear and people from different "Realms" begin to appear. When his parents go missing, Zack must find out who the culprit is.
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Haimster and Feldmyster: Part ONE by CoveredwithLIES reviews
Two Coreys: Some scenes based off "Two-Coreys" and some other I just thought of, or maybe close to the information I knew...be kind. BTW I don't make fun of these two coreys...LOVE THEM! DEDICATED TO COREY HAIM! RIP! LOVE YA!
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Odd Idol is an American Idol parody. I picked the contestants and their songs for a reason. Be warned, you might bust a gut from laughter! WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS CONTAIN STRONG LANGUAGE! ENJOY! Read and review please.
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Before the Yuuzhan Vong war there were another set if wars fought by gifted youngsters in an efort to save their planet this is their story.
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Characters from all over the fiction universe come to this high school to teach, support, learn, and; well, read it and find out :- . I am a first time fan fic writer ... be gentle, but I would love a read and review.
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OK so yah this something I wrote forever ago and just found. Multiple femaslash pairings from random fandoms. Hilarious cross over. Just read it! TRUST ME! You will not be let down. No really read it! I swear to god or the gods...Just read it! LOL
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