Yu-Gi-Oh GX and Kamen Rider Crossovers
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The whole story revolves around Kurokage Kaze and his Stepsister Jay Yuki as they try their best to make the grade and save the world evil. With Kurokage Kaze using Tokusatsu Hero Decks and Jay Yuki using the Elemental Hero Deck anything is possible, right?
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Three teens have been scattered across the Yu-gi-oh universe, wielding the power of the masked heroes known as Kamen Riders. These are their adventures. In this story, Tobei Tsukuba wields the power of Ryuki, and tries to navigate the difficulties of high-school, while trying to complete his mission.
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One of the stories within my Yugioh x Kamen Rider universe, done with help by wildrook. Medal monsters from 800 years ago called the Greeed have awaken just as world traveler Jaden Yuki returns to Japan. He ends up working together with a red right hand named Ankh who gives him the power to become OOO and fight against this threat. Will this struggle for desire end? JadenxAlexis
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