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Действие через некоторое время после окончания аниме. Лоренцо узнает, что все не так просто, как казалось, и не только он скрывает свое прошлое.
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Summary: After trick or treating on Halloween, Maximillian and Antonio decide to sit on the sofa and watch horror movies the rest of the night. You know, the typical tradition. Though with these two scaredy cats, it was more likely a bad a idea... Note: I do not own any of the Meganebu characters mentioned in this story nor any of the cartoons or movies that are referenced.
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"Hikaru you're so cute like that." Hikaru looked at Akira and frowned. "Don't say unnecessary things, especially lies." Akira smiled, and latched his arm around Hikaru's neck. "That wasn't a lie." He then ruffled Hikaru's hair. The two smile and laughed. "Just you wait; I'm going to make you those X-Ray glasses." Hikaru smiled. "Hai " -Yaoi Incest
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