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Azure Love by Ells Rose
[Non-Massacre] Asuna was a simple waitress living in Konoha. After being orphaned by her parents, she was taken in by the Uchihas who treated her like she was their own daughter. She was very close with their two sons, who found joy in relentlessly teasing her for her crush on Itachi's partner, Kisame Hoshigaki. Join the two to see their story unfold and love blossom.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 20,562 - Published: 36m
Rise of a Legacy: Forest of Seals by windstorm16 reviews
No summary yet.
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,149 - Reviews: 29 - Favs: 159 - Follows: 194 - Updated: 1h - Published: 5/29 - Naruto U., Hanabi H., Kyuubi/Kurama
Best Mistake by jessicadanielgutierrez reviews
To get a boy from her past to leave her alone, Haruno Sakura uploads a photo of a random guy claiming him to be her boyfriend. However, she does not realize the photo she chose was of bad boy student Uchiha Sasuke. When she ends up spending more time with him to make it up, she realizes that people have a lot more to them than what she sees.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 8 - Words: 14,610 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 1h - Published: 5/16 - [Sasuke U., Sakura H.] [Naruto U., Hinata H.]
Three Ninjas and A Baby by Chucky Ray
When Aiko Uchiha becomes a mother, not knowing what else to do she drops her six-month-old baby girl Keiko on Naruto's doorstep with clear instructions to give her to her Uncle Sasuke for him to raise. Based off of Three Men and A Baby.
Rated: K+ - English - Parody/Family - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,539 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 2h - Published: 5/28 - [Sasuke U., Sakura H.] Naruto U., Kakashi H.
A Dangerous Game by just-another-fan-account reviews
Sakura Haruno is a first year resident doctor at Konoha hospital that is trying to pay off student loans while juggling her busy schedule. Sasuke Uchiha is a bad boy, motorbike riding, college dropout that is trying to make his way as a mechanic and look after his ailing mother. Will these two star-crossed lovers get a happily ever after? Or is their relationship doomed to fail?
Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 14 - Words: 35,195 - Reviews: 145 - Favs: 58 - Follows: 87 - Updated: 2h - Published: 10/11/2015 - Sasuke U., Sakura H.
Hidden Love by Lupe55 reviews
(Gaara x OC) After a devastating loss against Konoha after the chunin exams, the Suna realized that there were many errors in their ways. When a crippled Hidden Village loses faith in itself and is forced back to retreat, two unlikely people meet. A unique friendship blossoms between the two in a time where both so desperately need someone to hold on to.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 6 - Words: 23,247 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 2h - Published: 11/17/2019 - [Gaara, OC] Lee R., Temari
Accidental Bloom by AngelsForeverIntertwined reviews
"When I took a step back from the painting, I no longer liked what I saw." Non-massacre AU. Non-Kyuubi attack.
Rated: T - English - Angst/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,701 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 2h
The Stag and The Moon Fox by Animeloverforever1127
What if Naruto had a friend? What if this friend pushed him to take his training and studies more seriously? What if she called Sasuke Uchiha out on his B.S? What is if she helped Sakura realize her real love? What other effects may she have on the story? Detailed Summary inside.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 423 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Published: 3h - [Shikamaru N., OC] Kakashi H., Team Seven
Call Your Girlfriend by Chantelle88 reviews
Prequel to Dancing on my Own. How Hinata and Naruto got together and what was Sakura's roll in that story? Based on Robyn's Call Ypur Girlfriend.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,284 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3h - Naruto U., Sakura H., Hinata H.
You Are What You Love by foreheadpokesoflove reviews
SasuSaku one-shots based on Taylor Swift songs. Ratings from K to T... for now.
Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,403 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 3h - Published: 5/24 - [Sakura H., Sasuke U.]
WILD KIDDO by Authors03 reviews
/ "Kau sudah bukan anak kecil, Hina. Bersikaplah layaknya perempuan dewasa." Sejak hari itulah Hinata harus berubah tapi ia menolak! "Huaaa! Ayah sudah tak menyayangiku!" / "Ayahmu membayarku menjagamu." /"Jauhi Hinata!" /
Rated: T - Indonesian - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 5 - Words: 13,493 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 18 - Updated: 3h - Published: 11/29/2018 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Toneri Ō.
Dancing On My Own by Chantelle88 reviews
When you break up with the one you thought was the love of your life you feel your world falling apart, but what happens when you see him with someone else? Ask Sakura Haruno. Main NaruHina, side Narusaku. Based on Dancing on my own by Robyn.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 2 - Words: 1,037 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Updated: 3h - Published: 6/16/2019 - Naruto U., Sakura H., Hinata H. - Complete
The Wolf Lord's Lady by KEYLIEKEY reviews
(CHAP 2 UP!) Sebagai anak satu-satunya dari penguasa kejam,hidupku berakhir di tangan pelayan sekaligus kekasih yang dikirim pemberontak sebagai mata-mata. Aku terlahir kembali dengan kenangan kehidupan lama dan berencana untuk hidup sambil memikul dosa-dosa dari kehidupan masa lalu. Namun takdir membawaku bekerja sebagai pelayan dari penguasa baru, mantan kekasihku, Uchiha Sasuke.
Rated: T - Indonesian - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,305 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 4h - Published: 5/26 - Sasuke U., Ino Y.
Because I Love You by Otaku.Lucky.Star reviews
Naruko is an energetic, trouble making, 17 year old girl in highschool whom is in love with her senior Kakashi Hatake, the most popular boy in school. One day while she was in detention afterschool, a man walks in and claims to be her husband from the future. Sasuke Uchiha, Naruko's husband from the future, has come back to the past to make sure they never fall in love.
Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 7 - Words: 14,004 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 4h - Published: 5/11 - [Naruko U., Sasuke U.] Kakashi H., Sakura H.
Konoha no Yoko: Chuunin Exams - The Final Rounds by Azteka reviews
I don't give a damn if you're the Daimyo himself! What you did was reckless! You put my son at risk of exposure thanks to that stunt of yours!
Rated: T - English - Chapters: 8 - Words: 13,313 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 72 - Follows: 75 - Updated: 4h - Published: 12/8/2017
Closer by Jogag Busang
Malam itu hujan dan percakapan belum juga usai. {untuk event #tigasatulima}
Rated: T - Indonesian - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 343 - Published: 5h - Sasuke U., Sakura H. - Complete
Family Bonding by itachiboutit reviews
What happens when you accidentally travel back 20 years in the past and are stuck with your teenage father, who, spoiler alert, is even lamer than he is in the future and seems to be determined to make everyday more annoying than the last. At least that's the way Boruto sees it. Because I couldn't /not/ write a Time Travel AU
Rated: T - English - Chapters: 8 - Words: 65,967 - Reviews: 47 - Favs: 112 - Follows: 178 - Updated: 5h - Published: 9/15/2019 - Naruto U., Hinata H., Boruto U., Himawari U.
El adiós by Niko Niko Nii reviews
Sai, enamorado! Y de esa Hyuga. Debe ser una broma.
Rated: K - Spanish - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 12 - Words: 14,394 - Reviews: 6 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 5h - Published: 5/8 - Sai, Hinata H., Naruto U.
Interlude - Such is Life by zeraslam6 reviews
A Life of its Own saga, part 2. As Sakura receives news she hadn't thought possible in a thousand years, we take a look at what possibly could have happened to cause it, and the aftermath of said events. It seems like a dream to her... or a nightmare. Sakura-centric. Slight AU, containing elements of The Gamer and Butterflies by Fayth85.
Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 9,303 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 45 - Follows: 77 - Updated: 5h - Published: 5/25 - Naruto U., Sasuke U., Sakura H., Hinata H.
A Vagabond In Death by Transient Eclipse reviews
It is in death that we are confronted with the reality that we were living and weren't dreaming of a wonderful existence filled with joy brightening the strife that follows everyone. It is grand to imagine beings ever gracious enough to gift more to those who have reached the land of the dead by gifting them another life - another chance to do things, but is it a curse or gift?
Rated: T - English - Tragedy/Family - Chapters: 22 - Words: 86,731 - Reviews: 9 - Favs: 84 - Follows: 130 - Updated: 6h - Published: 8/3/2019 - Sasuke U., Hinata H., Asuma S., OC
Best Mistake by Devienna32 reviews
Dalam sejarah hidupnya Itachi Uchiha selalu merencanakan segala hal dengan penuh perhitungan, dimulai dari pembantaian anggota klannya, bergabung dengan akatsuki, lalu bagaimana kemungkinan ia akan mati. Hanya ada sebuah kesalahan yang ternyata sangat berpengaruh bagi seluruh rencana yang telah ia siapkan. Kesalahan itu terjadi saat ia melibatkan Konan dalam hidupnya.
Rated: T - Indonesian - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 12 - Words: 12,730 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 6h - Published: 2/26 - Itachi U., Pain/Pein, Nagato U., Konan
A Price for Peace by DoctorTortoise reviews
Kimoto Kazuo was reborn into a world of dreams, surrounded by love and warmth, but the nightmare underneath soon made itself known. The world was cruel; it had always been cruel, but his ambition would not be held back. He was determined to bring peace, no matter the cost. A reincarnate works to revolutionize a world of endless warfare. (SI, SI-OC, Self-Insert, Takigakure-centric)
Rated: T - English - Adventure/Supernatural - Chapters: 10 - Words: 37,261 - Reviews: 74 - Favs: 142 - Follows: 222 - Updated: 6h - Published: 5/10 - Kakashi H., Fū, Shibuki, OC
Still falling for you (NH year 2020 - English version) by ChloeLaPomme reviews
"English version" January: Toward the future/Vision, Fabruary: Hands, March: Fanfic/fanart inspo, April: Too late/Missed opportunities, May: Jealousy, June: Honor/Sacrifice, July: Movie inspired, August: Cultures/Around the world, September: Fantasy, October: Horror, November: Crime AU, December: Celebrations
Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 18 - Words: 32,469 - Reviews: 21 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 17 - Updated: 7h - Published: 1/2 - Naruto U., Hinata H.
Mini ninjas by inuhirnoess777 reviews
Naruto has defeated Kaguya the Rabbit Goddess but afterwards he as the rest of the rookie twelve plus, Team konohamaru, and sand trio decide that the loss was too great. the decide to use a risky time travel fuinjutsu to fix it.
Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 5 - Words: 15,825 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 58 - Follows: 108 - Updated: 7h - Published: 1/4/2013 - Naruto U.
La petición de Gaara by Camila Victoria
El consejo le ha exigido al Kazekage tomar una mujer de Konoha por esposa, pero ninguna mujer parece interesada, excepto ella. Hinata ha sido ascendida nuevamente a heredera de su clan, pero no tiene tiempo para pensar en su futuro cuando una citación a la oficina del Hokage termina en una fuerte decisión, ¿Aceptarías casarte con Gaara de la Arena?
Rated: T - Spanish - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 5 - Words: 6,419 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7h - Published: 5/29
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