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A White Elephant for an Ingrate by DJ Broken Wang reviews
Have you seen Kawanaka in a different light? If not, me neither. This is how I depict his real point of view upon snapping OOC from his calm exterior to the breaking point when he had just to wash them all down. Question: How can I make a fanfic without romance here! Featuring Haru Miura of Katekyo Hitman Reborn, plus his lookalike. How to deal with his real intentions? I wonder..
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Tokuchi shakes him awake and asks "What does this make us?" "Anything you want," is the quick answer, and Tokuchi wishes he'd drunk a little more that night.
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un choix, deux vie, leurs histoire.
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Tokuchi Toua. The Lycaons's ace pitcher and an fearsome man. Entering profession in his twenties and leading the fallen Lycaons to the Championships. But who is this enigmatic and mysterious man? Tokuchi Toua, of course. Before Big Mama, before Kojima Hiromichi, is that said elusive man's unfolding past in the form of fanfiction.
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Katerina Sakami, the niece of Saikawa Tsuneo is sent, with her friends, to Tokyo to each start a life. Kat is then recruited to play on the Lycans' team. She meets Toua Tokuchi and begins to develop feeling for him. Now she must help Tokuchi bring the Lycans to victory, go for her dream to be a pro baseball player, and find love with a teammate. can she? TouaxOC I REVISED A LOT.
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In Naha, Okinawa, nightfall is heralded by a gaudy neon "open" sign belonging to a modest, windowless building known as Twilight Bar & Lounge. When it flickers on, it invites Okinawa's most crooked residents into a den of drinking, hostesses, gambling, and Yakuza activity. And this is where Tokuchi Toua returns to settle a debt he owes to the man who raised him.
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Have you ever been in love with a man? If not, then this story will have no effect on you or your emotions. You will not understand the feelings of the heroine that fell in love with someone who had no feelings towards her. You will not know what it feels like to be rejected and played around with by a man with no morals and cruelty enough to be called the Devil himself...
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"The girl swallowed and carefully pulled off the cover revealing the man's face. She froze, feeling blood leave her face. Her heartbeat sped up and she suddenly felt dizzy. *How...?* she thought almost desperately. His face was so painfully familiar..."
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"How am I supposed to hit that? It's too fast." She said frowning, Tokuchi's grin widened and he shook with quiet laughter. Akira picked up the ball and threw it to him gently. "Just keep your eye on it." Tokuchi said condescendingly. Tokuchi X OC
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