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The Beloved Is Just Uncovered by little25devil reviews
What happens when u start the fresh new year ready for a normal year to begin, you find out that a new transfer student arrives, well nothing is wrong with that, except the fact that this boy has the same last name as you! What will you do when people take the wrong idea, will everything stay normal or will Sakura be in for a big change? RATED K to T
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My take on the scene after Rurijo broke Hayate's jutsu. RurijoxHayate
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This isn't about Sakura Hime Kaden. It's actually a fanfiction of Sakurasou no Pet na Kanjo. I couldn't find Sakurasou in the catergory.
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The Stone of a Princess' Life by Fantasy.Dreamx reviews
Princess Lilliana was born with her eyes closed and her mother asked for the Stone of Life to help her daughter. Not only that, Lilliana was also born with an incredible ability. Each time her mood changes, her hair's root color will change and she will have powers according to the color. Now the Stone of life is corrupted and Lilliana must be the one who eliminates it.
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Sakura vs Kaguya : owners of the Blood Sakura by Miss Flame Sniper reviews
Before Sakura died, she wished for Aoba to be relive. That wish awaken the dead princess Kaguya and the fountain of the moon. And Sakura, who is being awaken as well, tries to stop her, but at a terrible cost.
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I love you--no, I loved you by xxMangaxanimexx reviews
A quick oneshot of Sakura's feelings in vol 7 when she realized that Enju's "love" for her is not the kind of love she wanted. This part made me teary, so I thought I'd write something about it. Contains spoilers, so those who haven't got to vol 7 yet and don't want to know what happens-be warned. Please review if you like it[: (and read the author note! You need to know something)
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Ever wondered what Asagiri felt when Ukyo dies in chapter 20 - 22? In a Letter to Ukyo, Asagiri, heartbroken, pours her heart out in spite that he will never be there again. One-shot. R&R! Belongs to Arina Tanemura:)
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