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since: 03-05-06, id: 1002537
Author has written 19 stories | Inuyasha, Teen Titans, Bourne series, Smallville, and CSI: Miami.
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Hi there! (Sorry. is not letting me set this profile replies with paragraphs)_I'm recently new to the betareader sector but not a stranger to write myself, so I know what it's like to zoom through an idea once it rushes to your head, or otherwise, it's lost. ^^ But rushing to drain this idea till it's gone leaves an author to overlook tiny mistakes such as grammar, sentence structure and etc._That's where I come in!_As for a betareading style, all I can say is that I can either do a basic scan through of a document (grammar, etc.) or I can "help" another author in perhaps, rearranging sentences in a paragraph or constructing a whole new sentence and suggesting it to the author to perhaps considering adding it to the final draft._Expectations? Just know that I treat all submitted drafts of work from you - the author - with the outmost respect. I treat this role seriously, because after all, you're asking me for some help, rationalizing an idea, or a second opinion. Either way, you are asking for my help and I am here to give it. ^^_I'm usually found twenty-four/seven on my computer. Therefore, expect the "marked" version of your work to be sent back to you very soon after you submit it._(And if it's a draft on a chapter in an already posted story, know that I will responsibly read the previous chapters of your story to maintain myself inform of your style and expectations you have of myself when you receive back your document.)
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
_I am reliable to maintain focused on your submitted draft_Knowing that my email is checked religiously every three hours (even in sleep), you can count on me to reply quickly back to you_I am open to all types of writing and know that I am not judgemental on most things_I know both English and Spanish, therefore I accept and can help you in works submitted in either language_Not all writing styles are the same. So, please know that I am willing to accomidate to yours ^^_I know when I am wrong so please, don't hesitate in correcting any of my corrections on your paper_If I don't know much about a specific character or show/book/category of your story, know that I am willing to do a research to help myself help you
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
_I tend to ask more than once if the final draft submitted back to you is to your liking_I don't submit back a story to an author until I think it's okay and that I've found all the little "inklings" marring an awesome story_I tend to prefer stories submitted to me to be in either OpenOffice, Word, or Microsoft Works format. Otherwise...I tend to have a hard time accomidating to the page format of the draft_I can't work on a document whose author doesn't get back to me. I NEED to know what you want me to specifically do for you. Otherwise, I've got nothing to start working on :( - I'm a sucker for romance_I write better than I speak (joking!). I tend to write...a lot. So if you see a lot of words in red color in your document when you receive it, I apologize in advance (I like to fully explain the reason to my methods. Sorry)
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
None really. Like I've previously mentioned, I'm open to mostly anything
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Crack!Stories, mostly. not really that funny. So turning into me a story meant to entertain fellow readers would not be a wise choice to submit to myself. I would not like to disrupt your flow of funny. ^^_Anything else, I'm okay with. Just give me a heads up what's in the story if you believe I'm going to be thrown for a loop once I get into it.
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