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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm pretty new to the whole business of beta-reading, and actually got into it because of a fan fiction I read with a lot of potential that I seriously wanted to make better, and the writer was nice enough to let me have a go at beta-reading. I'm actually filling this out in order to become a legitimate beta reader for her, really.

Now, as to who I am as a beta reader, I am a very passionate lover of fan fiction who sees potential in quite a lot of stories and seeks to cultivate that potential in order to make it bloom into the excellent story I believe it can be. I am also a writer who's taken a class in rhetoric and advanced essay writing (well, if AP Language counts....), and who's willing to give advice to aspiring writers. However, I am also generally lazy, but if there's a story which sparks my interest, I will let it consume my mind until I see that it has become the work of art I imagine it to be.

My beta-reading style is generally complimentary, but I will explain flaws in the story that I have changed at the end of the chapter, as well as the parts of the story which stood out in a positive way. I also have the tendency to fill in plot holes with ideas of my own, so if that seems intrusive to your vision, then don't ask me to beta-read your story.

I expect that anyone who wishes for me to beta for them will be willing to at least listen to what ideas I have to bring to their story, and that their story has that certain spark to it that makes me want to read it like crazy. I also hope that the writer is nice as well, because it'll be much easier to work with a nice writer than with a mean one, and I'd prefer it if they can accept any changes made to grammar and word choice that I may make.

Thank you!

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Well, I'm extremely good at characterization, spelling and grammar, and I absolutely love to analyze situations in a story and look at it from the audience perspective, while checking if there are any plot holes or other issues one needs to work out. Additionally, I can come up with a bunch of original ideas, and those ideas can help one's story.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Well, I can be quite zealous in my pursuit of improving a story, and because of that, I don't know if I can keep the style of the original writer intact. I will try to be nice about it, but if the original writer's grammar needs work, I will tell him or her so. I also tend to take a while to edit a story, so please be patient.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I generally prefer stories with a plot I really like, and I will admit it, I like hurt/comfort stories, so that will always help you. If you are writing a crack shipping story, I would love to beta it, because I do absolutely love crack shipping... just... make sure both parties are human, and that none of them are related to each other, and I would love to beta your story.

Now, for Death Note stories, I generally like L as the more or less dominant member in the L/Light pairing, though optimally Light and L would be equals in the relationship. As for Mello/Near stories, Mello would have to be the dominant one in order for it to pique my interest. I'd also like stories that don't bash Misa or Light, and I'd love stories which place Matsuda and Misa together without bashing Light. As for something I secretly like, I do love to read an evil-L (that's not BB)/a more innocent Light when I want to get spooked. Oh, and please, take Ryuk and Rem into regard unless it's an AU (and I do love AU's). And I'll admit, Ryuk/Light appeals to my inner crackshipper, so write it, please.

As for Harry Potter fandom, I'd love to see some good Percy Weasley stories that don't bash the living heck out of him, and the more crack-filled the pairing for him, the better (though I will say I do love Percy/Penelope and Oliver/Percy....). I'd also like to beta some good Viktor/Hermione stories (maybe that'll inspire me to actually write the one on hiatus) and some good Harry/Ron stories... if you could combine both pairings in the story without bashing Percy or anyone else I like, I would be very happy to beta your story.

For the Eragon fandom, my requirements are relatively easy. I'd prefer if you pair Eragon with either Trianna or Saphira, though I could accept Nasuada or Murtagh as his partner if you make sure Eragon and Murtagh aren't brothers, or, in Nasuada's case, Murtagh isn't in love with her. I also love Murtagh and Nasuada as a couple with a passion. However, I'd also love to see creative ways to break Elva's curse, or creative applications of Angela's prophecy... yeah, I'm actually planning a fan fiction which twists every single prediction from an unconventional light.

Now, for the Avatar fandom, my basic mantra is the crackier the couple, the more likely it is that I'll beta it. If you want examples of excellent crack coupling stories, look at AloofAndAndrogynous's work. And no, Zutara doesn't count as a crack pairing. However, my general inclination toward crack can be loosened by the following couples: Taang, Tokka, Maiko, Kataang (for any of these couples, it would have to be really original) and Mai Lee (I have a weakness for this couple... just don't make it too awkward).

As for the Monster fandom, ANY story from the Monster fandom will be accepted by me (unless it has Eva bashing, then I will respectfully decline), because there needs to be more Monster fan fiction.

In the case of the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, I generally like to see Will shipped with anyone except his own father, though I fully admit I prefer Willabeth, Jack/Will and Willington. I also like more humorous stories in this fandom, especially parodies and fluff.


Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
This is just something I have to say, but I won't proofread anything with bestiality, incest, fan-made (I'm emphasizing this one, because I know the weaknesses of one of my fandoms well, and I mainly write stories in that fandom to remedy those slight weaknesses... I adore the series I'm mentioning A LOT despite those weaknesses, though) Mary Sues or necrophilia in it, because all four of those things generally make me feel a little queasy. I also won't proofread anything that is illegible, either, so no chatspeak.

For Death Note fan fictions, I will not accept Misa bashing, Light bashing, Near bashing, chatspeak, stories which involve them chatting on the Internet, stories which solely focus on either L or Light dying, or stories designed to torture the characters into submission (as in SAW).

For the Harry Potter fandom, I won't accept Percy bashing, Ron bashing, Hermione bashing, Viktor bashing, bashing in general really, cliched storylines (unless it's a parody of those kind of stories), one dimensional stories, and fake angst.

For the Eragon stories, please, for the love of all that is good, don't bash Eragon in your story unless it's meant to be a parody that bashes EVERYONE! I also don't really like Eragon/Arya that much, so I won't beta that unless it has a gloriously unconventional way of putting them together that makes the couple actually interesting. Oh, and don't bash Trianna or Orik either, they're both awesome.

As for the Avatar fandom, I have loads of things I don't want in a story, and the first of those would have to be Mai-bashing. If you bash Mai in a story, I will not beta it. That also stand for Ty Lee, Aang, SOKKA, Azula, Toph, Katara, Iroh, and pretty much everyone else, really. I also will be extremely wary of any Zutara fan fiction, because it would have to be really written well, it would have to not bash any other character, and it would have to be relatively original in order for me to want to beta it. Also, no Avatar-sues, they're all really annoying.

As for the Monster fandom, I just don't want any Eva-bashing or Johan/Nina. Other than that, hit me with your best shot!

In the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, there are only two things I don't like in the fandom: Will-bashing and Elizabeth-bashing. I will not beta a story with either of these intact. I may beta a Sparrabeth fan fiction, but it would have to be extremely gentle to Will's character and actually be plausible.

So... ta-da!

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