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Hello. My name is Tiffany C. (MacalaniaSpring.) I am almost 14 years old, as of November 28th, and I absolutely Love to write. (By the way, I know that 'Love' is not exactly correct in the way I spell it with a capital 'L'. But, I write/type it like this because I think that 'Love' is a very special word that should be used with a capital letter, to show importance. I hope that clears things up.) Anyways...I have been writing for about 5 years (for fun, that is.) But, I have been writing, in school, for far much longer. But, that is only because it is a necessity. In the 4th grade, I found out that writing can be enjoyable, though. As a beta-reader, I will most definitely try to my utmost ability to assist anyone in need (of their writing, of course. Although, if you really need it: You can talk to me about anything, and I will try to help you.) I suppose that my betareading style varies among a lot of things. Like, say...I can write morbid, tragic things. But, at the same time, I could write a playful, humorous story. Really, I could betaread anything, though. At my school, I am the Chief Editor of 'The Spirit' (our student-written school newspaper.) So, you can ask for my critique/betareading expertise on anything you wish. There is not specific type of person that can ask me to betaread their writing. Anyone can ask me. Please, remember that, and I will try my best to help you out. Thank you, and I hope that I can be of some assistance to any of you out there.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
To tell the truth, I really don't feel that comfortable naming off what I excel at. But...I must say that I'm very good at vocabulary and excel at spelling, in general. Also, if you need it, I am very good at finding technical errors (punctuation, capitalization, spacing, paragraphs, etc.) As for grammatical errors, I am very good at assisting with very lengthy run-on sentences. This may sound odd, but I love to look in the dictionary/thesaurus for words that I like, or know very well, and for words that I don't know that I've read. I have a habit of reading things, and making a list of the words that I don't know. This is so I have a future knowledge of what the word means, and what it means in the sentence. If you notice that I excel noticeably at something I didn't mention, please tell me. Thank you.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
My weaknesses as a betareader/writer are that I can write very smoothly and quickly. The thing is, that because of this, I have to proofread a lot after I finish, because I make so many technical errors. (Although, I do not make as many grammatical errors.) Also, a lot of the time, I will get writer's block. I must admit that I procrastinate much more than I should, but I always finish my projects. Just to let you know, I have been getting better at procrastinating. I can make no promises, but I will try to go onto FanFiction.Net at least on the weekends. I'm not very sure about every day, during the week, with school and all. (Now that I am in the 8th grade, we get a lot more homework that I am used to.) One of the main weaknesses that I have in the actual writing process is that I cannot decide when to use who or whom in the sentence. If you see that I have any other flaws in writing, please let me know. It would be most appreciated.
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