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Author has written 14 stories | Lord of the Rings, CSI, Harry Potter, and Hawaii Five-0.
β : conformityissuicide is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I've been a contributing writer on this site for a few years, but frequently read on this site long before that. I have taken a class in creative writing, and have had English grammar pushed into my brain year after year, so I like to think I have a pretty good handle on it. I have never been a beta on this site before, however, I have read and proofed many stories for people before, including fanfiction. I am really excited about starting this new phase of fanfiction writing, since I've been on hiatus for awhile. As a beta, I will read your stories for everything from content to spelling and grammar. I will be really picky and look at it carefully; giving you lots of suggestions. However, I never expect you to take all of the suggestions because some of them will just be my thoughts at what might make it better. But you are the author and I would never dream of stepping on your toes or your plot bunny's toes ;).

I will try and be as punctual as possible with getting your stories proofed and back to you with comments in a decent amount of time. However, I will make sure you are aware of any really important things happening that may take up more of my time, and so I may not be as timely as usual. But I am an overachiever by nature, and as such I am usually really good at getting things done in a timely manner. I expect that you have proofed your chapters/one-shots prior to submitting them to me, and I will be able to tell if you haven't read it over or spellchecked it at a very minimum. I'm picky about grammar and it drives me nuts when I read a story that has terrible grammar all over the place.

I don't think being harsh is a good step in the rewriting process, and as such, I will always be constructive, not critical of your work. So you don't have to worry about your self-esteem being knocked down a few pegs. I've written 12 stories on this site, and I do encourage you to read them before accepting my services, but that is of course not required! Hope to read some of your great stories soon!

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I would say my biggest strength is grammar and spelling. That will be the area I will focus on the most when proofing because I think that poor spelling and grammar is the mark of a inexperienced and lazy writer. I want to make sure you sound intelligent in your writing at that everyone reading it is able to follow it so they can see all the hardwork you put in to completing your chapters/stories.

I would also say another one of my strengths is making sure the story flows together and makes sense as a whole. I like to make sure that any reader is able to follow the action and what is going on between the characters and within the characters' minds. That is another area I am good at proofing.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I would say my number one weakness is making sure characters stay IC, and making OC believable. It is something I struggle with in my own stories and so I wouldn't be the best at pointing out those errors in other stories. However, I will say that I am better in different types of stories than others in determining if a character is IC or not (i.e. Harry Potter).
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I would prefer to read romance stories in the following types of stories:

Harry Potter Greek CSI Gilmore Girls

Within those areas, these ships are the ones I would most like to beta:

Harry Potter: Draco/Harry is my favorite, but I also enjoy Fred/Hermione CSI: Nick/Greg Greek: Casey/Cappie Gilmore Girls: Rory/Logan

I have written in other areas as well, including LOTR and CSI: Miami, and would be happy to beta stories in those areas, though I would say I am not the strongest with those stories. Of the areas I have listed, I have only written stories for two of them (Harry Potter and CSI). However, I watch the other two shows religiously and as such, know the characters and canon very well. So even though I have never written any stories in those areas, I am very capable of knowing if something is making sense or not.

Of the four areas I mentioned, I will also be happy to beta other ships, those are just my most preferred.

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Any story that does not fall into the categories I listed above I do not wish to beta because I will not know the canon enough. Within the areas I did list, I would prefer not to beta any story that is not romance unless you think my writing style fits with yours enough that I would be a good beta for your story.
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