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Author has written 4 stories | Naruto, and Death Note.
β : Seadrance is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I expect that you at least spell check whatever you send to me, but beyond that, I'm not going to be too picky.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I work well with sentence structure and vocabulary issues, as well as helping to expand on description. I'm extremely picky about spelling, structure and grammar, so if that is a weak point of yours, I'm a good choice.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Um. Not sure about as a beta, but as a writer, I have trouble with "travel" scenes, as in... scenes where a character is walking somewhere and the like. I'm also terrible at WRITING romance. I'm fine with beta-ing it though.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Um. No, not really. I like things that have interesting plots, and I love OCs! Well written ones, of course. :)
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Eh... there's very little I refuse to read or beta. Yaoi, Yuri, Smut, threesomes, harems, angst, abuse, murder, suicide... whatever. It's fine. The only thing I wont beta is stories in which the characters are irritatingly (a stereotypical) "emo". If, for example, there are constant descriptions about how beautiful cutting and blood are, I get annoyed - if there is mention of that kind of thing or it does happen, that's okay so long as it's not every second paragraph/sentence/chapter. If you're not sure, PM me or send it my way, I'll tell you if I'm willing to beta it.
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