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Author has written 23 stories | White Wolf, and Max Payne.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
As a beta-reader my first eye is to the overall flow of the story, as I like to at least read through it once just to enjoy it. During this pass I am looking for enjoyment, as well as characters who seem to make sense within themselves. After that, I basically become a spelling and grammar bigot on a second read through as nothing will ruin a tale quicker then someone using your when they mean you're - I'm guaranteed to not only note this but make witty comments about your eighth grade English teacher as well.

I also like formatting, a single giant paragraph will not be read.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I like characters and I like shades of gray and I like characters who operate logically. This is probably the biggest aspect I'll be on top of for you, with a very close second of basic grammar errors. I also work as a film editor so I like to think (pats self on back) that I know sometimes when a scene has gone on too long or started in a poor place. Consequently I suppose I'll list pacing as another strength...and hatred of Michael Bay.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
After working as a beta on a few stories now I have to say that my biggest weakness is turnaround times. When I read the stories submitted to me I like to give them a good read over and also to make a lot of notes, and that takes a lot of time. Because it takes a lot of time I'll often have trouble scheduling it into my day. So, generally speaking, expect about two days to a week in delay when working with me - it's not that I don't actually love each and every one of you (except the filthy non formatting ones, I'm rather bigoted there), but I'm just bad at organizing my time and it'll take a little while for me to write back.

I also tend to occasionally be a troublemaker with sentence fragments, though I like to think I'm getting better. Finally; semi-colons. I'm trying to edj-u-ma-cate myself with them, but I still have to say they are one confusing tool of grammar, and I don't like my chances for knowing their correct use.

Huzzah, I have discovered another pet peeve, fear it! Basically; I really don't feel I'm here to be your fill in for a spell check/grammar check (which, fascinatingly enough, is built into most quality word processors). To whit, if I correct you on something in your first chapter, correct you again in your second chapter, and then discover you're still doing it in the third chapter I get...pouty and whiny, mostly. But, that said, the way I get pouty is to refuse to keep correcting those mistakes, and occasionally to make snide remarks about them. My snide remarks are really just a reflection of me not getting enough hugs as a kid and wanting to cause others emotional pain too, and fascinatingly enough they seem to work okay in that regard, so I win again!

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror are probably my preferred genres. I write heavily in the World of Darkness field and have played more then my fair share of RPGs so I can usually offer solid insight to those game worlds as well.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Stories sent without any formatting.
Love stories (I've read my fair share but the only ones I've ever liked are by Bujold and she tends to be fairly 'unsappy' as far as romance goes)

I have also begun to be introduced to the world of "crossovers." Now, I'm certain your Harry Potter/Transformers/Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic is both enjoyable and logical... But in any case, I'm not the best person to approach on the whole "crossover" style of story as almost invariably the different worlds colliding fills me with confused horror rather then fascinated interest. That said if anyone *does* have a Harry Potter/Transformers/Pirates of the Caribbean fanfic I hereby vow to review it with as much diligence as I can - but any other types of crossovers will be better served searching elsewhere for a beta.

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