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Author has written 3 stories | Dragon Ball Z, and Sailor Moon.
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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
You can call me Emz, Rainbow or Sailor Rainbow (don't ask haha it's just a nickname.) I will beta any SAILOR MOON (I love these), Harry Potter, Dragonball Z, Highschool Musical (again, don't ask) or Skins fanfics. I am very much a normal reader to be honest. If your story grips me then it's a good story. I won't beta any cliche fics, such as 'Draco and Hermione are head girl and head boy and live in the same quarters!' and so on and so forth. Please make it BELIEVEABLE. Also, if I don't like the sound of your story, it doesn't necessarily mean that I won't beta it for you. If I feel that it has potential then I will help guide you. Furthermore, if I offer ADVICE, that is what it is. It is advice, constructive criticism and the like. I won't blast your story just for the hell of it, there IS a reason why I tell you things, and they will all improve your story in one way or another. Please have courtesy. Manners don't cost a penny, but they make our dealings a lot more amiable and, let's face it, I'm providing a free service for you so it's only fair that you're polite to me. And thats it! I know I sound harsh, but it is all true and necessary, but I am a good beta reader and I will read your fic at 2am if I need to get it finished for you. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I'm really good at beta reading with regards to plotlines, developing characters and grammatical errors. However, out of the three, I'd say that grammar was my weakest strength (if that makes sense) as it takes me the longest to do. I have also been described as a walking thesaurus! I can expand the vocabulary in your fiction, and I think that makes it read better generally. I usually have a fast turnover rate, of you submitting the chapter to me and actually checking it over, but this does of course depend on other demands in my life at the time.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I can sometimes miss grammatical errors, due to the fact that I'm so enthralled in actually reading the story! My comments can be longer than the actual chapter you've submitted to me, and i can be very pedantic, a little TOO pedantic at times. My life is also a very busy one. As I said in the above section, I do have a good turnover rate, however sometimes I can go silent for a while. Don't take this as a sign that I'm no longer interested in beta reading for you or that your fic is bad, it's simply down to the reason that I do not have time in that instance.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I am a big romantic at heart, and therefore, romance stories are my favourite. However, I will beta read ANY story as long as it has a gripping plot, good, well-developed characters and potential. Sailor Moon and Dragonball Z stories are my favourite genres, so they would go over well. Also, my favourite pairings are Serena x Darien (Usagi x Mamoru), Bulma x Vegeta, Goku x ChiChi. I also read Harry Potter fics, my favourite pairings there would be Draco x Hermione, Harry x Hermione, Harry x Ginny, Ginny x Blaise, Lily x James. In a high school musical story it would HAVE to be TroyxSharpay, and with minimal Gabriella in it. Skins, any fic involving Tony or Maxxie (or indeed both) would be good.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I do NOT beta-read slash, with the exception of Maxxie from Skins, for the sole reason that Maxxie is my favourite character in Skins and he happens to be gay, and so it is practically inescapable. I have nothing against homosexuals, however (as the title infers) slash fics just aren't my cup of tea. Also, any cliche fic will be turned away quite quickly, unless I think the basic plotline has potential. And any sibling-romance fic will be turned away instantly too.
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