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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I am borg. I can attempt to detect and correct spelling and grammar errors in writing, and sometimes "flow" or "word choice". I am not someone who will put pages of comments on a work, nor will I make undue criticisms or overly attempt to make a client "fell happy" with their work, therefore I may at times seem a little cold-hearted. Please be advised that this is not the case.

Occasionally my memory becomes corrupted (try keeping full virtual character bios (descriptions, appearance, age, yada), histories, locations, equipment/special items/abilities, relationships, character-character inter-knowledge (what a given character knows about the other), timelines and other important information on 50 stories in high-Long_Term-memory without crashing! It's rather difficult! Seriously!), but reviewing can usually fix things up. By the way, I'm NOT kidding on the corruption: I have mixed a character's profile from one story with another (similar) character from another and got rather confused for a chapter or so :).

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Spelling and Grammar: I can fix many errors that seem to be present in writing by default (unless the author is not human).

Simulation: Unfortunately I have a nack of interpreting literature and internally visualizing and correcting logic flaws without my own knowing. This can be good, for once I "get a feel" for a character it is easier to point out inconsistencies, however it can be "bad" because flaws that are corrected in my mind may not always be stated in corrections :).

Blabber: Despite how difficult it is to get me started on a topic, once I do so I can output a great amount of thoughts and opinions with no end in sight (so long as I don't need to cite my sources :) ).

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I can become addicted to reading a work, which can be good or bad depending on the pov...

I am partial to Windows, Mac, and Linux, in that order: If it's available in Windows it's easiest, Mac is the prettiest and most expensive, and Linux is the slowest, but most user-configurable thing available! :) Judge me not by my appearance.

I don't especially appreciate so called "hate" words or "cuss", "curse", "swear", or even "bad" words very much as they usually don't show a great intelligence or appreciation for language. However, if a character's nature incorporates this correctly I can handle it okay.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I like stories with use of technology in them, as I can better criticize and strengthen the logistics involved (as I stated first, I am Borg. 2+2=?)

I can do romances, however I cannot personally relate in a negative or positive direction as I have yet to become interested in my own romanticized life. One condition though: (as explained below) Mary-sue relationships are unfavorable. I don't think one can write a perfect couple and still make them believable, sorry. You can attempt it though, be my guest :).

I will gladly accept PokeMon, Animorphs, Transformers (but I don't know all of the Gen's so it's kinda iffy), Star Trek (pref. Voyager or TNG), Robotic-involving stories (careful though), and certain cross-overs (if I've read both sides so I know the backgrounds). However, I can "get into" almost any kind of story (provided criteria is met of course).

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
So-called Mary-sue and "canon" stories are usually not exactly my favorites, with some exceptions. For example, in order for me to read one such story the OC characters involved must have some depth to them; having a troubled background (as is a common theme among writers) is one way to encourage this.

Stories in which the main character is pointlessly abused (read- pointless) are also undesirable. If you're going to abuse your character as a way to show how terrible the world really is, at least make it reasonable (please).

Stories with depictions of sexual activity are not recommended for me, as my internal visualizing will automatically... well, it is extremely distracting, 'nuff said :). If you would not speak it out in a Starbucks shop full of random people, it is best to assume I don't really want to hear it ;). This is not to say I don't like the process thereof, or the product(s?), but unless it can be done tactfully (and accurately, some people put way to much emphasis one certain things...) I probably don't really want it very much.

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