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Author has written 204 stories | Harry Potter, Avatar: Last Airbender, Hunger Games, How I Met Your Mother, Twilight, Naruto, Mortal Instruments, Jimmy Neutron, Rugrats/All Grown Up!, Shadowhunters, Star Wars, Ouran High School Host Club, How to Train Your Dragon, Legend of Korra, Star Trek: Discovery, Skam, Dirty Dancing, and Infernal Devices, Cassandra Clare.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I've loved words and books and reading for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I had a reputation for always having a book in my hand, and that's still true, even if that book is sometimes on my phone's Kindle app. As I grew older and realized there were people behind books, I wanted to write them too.

I studied to be a secondary education English teacher in college, but after graduation, instead of going to work within the American education system as those around me had expected, I went off to Japan to teach English as a foreign language.

I often get messages from non-native English speakers apologizing for their English ability, and believe me when I say, you don't need to do that, no matter how good or bad you think you are. In my experience, non-native speakers always believe their English is worse than it actually is. As someone who teaches English to non-native speakers at various levels every day, I promise I'm not about to start ridiculing you no matter what you're ability is.

As for what to expect from me as a beta reader (whether you're a native or non-native speaker), there are three approaches to beta reading in my view: There's reading to correct grammar only. There's reading to provide advice on how I, personally, believe the story could be better. And there's reading for both. I'm willing to do any of the three. When you ask me to be your beta reader, please let me know what approach you'd like me to take with your story. If you don't, I'm going to ask before I agree to beta for you.

Also, if there's something specific you want me to look at because you're struggling with it or feel like it's a weak point with you're writing, let me know. If you want me to look at both grammar and story, I'd appreciate getting to read the chapter, provide feedback, you make any changes you feel necessary, and then I can re-read for grammar.

Something I can't say enough: Please, please, look over your story a few times for the blatant errors before you send it to me. I can't tell you how often I get stories with tons and tons of typos that the writer's spellcheck should have noticed. I'm not asking for it to be perfect. If it was, I wouldn't be needed. But I don't want my job to become right clicking on misspelled words that are clearly underlined in red.

If English isn't your first language, let me know as well. As mentioned above, I have experience working with non-native speakers in English as a teacher and as a beta reader. It won't affect whether or not I beta for you, but it does change how I will approach the process. One example of how I might approach it differently: When I find something worded awkwardly in a native speaker's story, I may just point it out and expect them to get why it sounds awkward (depending on the situation), but if the writer isn't a native speaker, I get that the awkwardness may not be inherent to you and I'll need to include more of an explanation.

When I beta read, I highlight each change I make in the document so that the writer can see it. I do this for two reasons: 1. I want whether or not the change stays in the story to be the author's final decision. 2. I've found that writers make a handful of mistakes over and over again. Everyone. I don't think I've ever worked with a writer (and I'm including myself in that) who doesn't have a mistake or two that continuously appears. My hope is that, if I highlight the mistakes for the writer to go over themselves, they'll realize what their repeated mistakes are so that they can be aware of it in the future.

As I do have a full plate outside of the world of fanfiction, there will undoubtedly be times when I'm so busy that it interferes with my availability as a beta. I will answer any messages you send me as quickly as I am able to, and if you send me a chapter that I think will take longer than usual to get back to you, I will be upfront with you about it.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I tend to have a good eye for spelling and grammar, and if I'm confused on a grammar point, I'm good with Google. In the same vein, I have an obsessive need to fact check. If I'm reading your story and information seems off, I'll check to see if it's right or not, and I'll point it out unless you've told me you don't want me to do that sort of thing. That doesn't mean I'll catch every single wrong fact in a story, just that I'll look into anything that sounds off.

I'm also big on having a good idea of the timeline in a story. When it comes to my own writing, I always feel better knowing the exact time span of events and when they happen in relation to each other. Every author is different, and in no way do I expect every writer I work with to do the same. I tend to do it naturally when I read though, so my brain tries to sort it out. I'll also point out any inconsistencies I see.

I was raised in Indiana, and my native dialect is the Midland American dialect (South Midland if you want to get really specific). If you're from elsewhere in the world and want help with Americanisms in speech or someone to fact check "American" facts (how the American school system works, for example) for your story, then I can help with those. Despite my extensive knowledge of Harry Potter and my years spent immersed in that universe, I shouldn't be the first person you go to for help with Britishisms. (However, I will happily fact check your Harry Potter knowledge.)

I feel strange going into my strengths as a writer. Mostly because I don't feel like I'm disconnected from my writing enough to pick up on what my strengths are. If you want be to beta for you, I strongly encourage you to at least glance at one of my recent stories. I know I like to do that while searching for a beta for my own stories as you want to have faith in the abilities of your beta, and that's often the best way to know if they have the ability to spot problems with your own story before you work with them. Hopefully looking over some of my stuff will give you an idea of what my strengths are, and if you think I'm doing a good job on something you struggle with, then I will try my best to help you with that particular problem.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I try to be mindful of my weaknesses, but I also know that there are always weaknesses that I haven't managed to spot.

One thing I struggle with writing is action sequences. I've tried to write them my fair share of times, and I've never been happy with how they turn out. (You can see some of these attempts in my posted stories if you want to go looking for them.) Because of that, I've shied away from them. Of course, I can still help with grammar, typos, and overall plot for any stories with action scenes, and I can tell from a reader's perspective when an action sequence isn't working. What I might not be as great at is offering advice about how to improve the scene. That being said, I'd love to have a chance to help you with that sort of thing because I might be able to learn from you as well about what works and what doesn't.

I've also struggled with characterization in the past, though I've been told by others that I'm no longer as terrible at this as I believe I am. I still feel as if I struggle at times, though I can say that I tend to be better at spotting mischaracterization in others' writing than in my own.

What I would consider my biggest weakness is wordiness. If there's one thing I focus on while editing my stories, it's cutting down on my words, but I still struggle with it. If you're looking for someone to cut down your own wordiness, then I might not be the best person to ask.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Due to a lack of time and the number of people I already beta for, I'm very selective of who I agree to work with. If you have stories already written that will help me make a decision, since it can show me that you're not going to drop a story out of the blue and that you put effort into your work instead of sending me something riddled with blatant errors (like I mentioned above). While I feel bad turning people down, it's reached the point where I can no longer say yes to everyone who asks (which is hard to believe to be honest).

Recently, I've also severely cut down on the fandoms listed that I'll beta for. Since I have to be more selective now, I would much rather beta read for fandoms that I'm highly interested in, so I'll no longer accept requests for fandoms other than those I'm really feeling at the moment (i.e. those listed below).

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I have a blood phobia, so reading anything extremely gory can be difficult for me. So keep that in mind if you have those sorts of scenes in your story. That being said, I'm working towards desensitizing myself, so I've gradually been exposing myself to more and more images and descriptions of gory stuff. It has helped, and dealing with bloody scenes isn't as difficult for me now as in the past. While I have my moments, I should be okay with it. I'll talk to you if something is so gory that I wasn't able to get through it.

Other than that, I think the only themes that are an automatic "no" from me are incest, "relationships" between adults and children or teenagers (especially if the author is trying to justify it as anything other than rape), or stories that glorify or sensationalize rape/sexual assault. That isn't to say I wouldn't beta a work that includes rape as an important part of the story. If there is a rape scene in your story, I want prior warning and will ask you to justify it for me. If I don't agree with your justification, I will ask that you find someone else to beta read your story.

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