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Author has written 9 stories | Fullmetal Alchemist, and Death Note.
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Err... that was probably a mistake... if I've ignored you, FORGIVE ME! HERE IS SOME OF MY STEAMED LIVER IF THAT WOULD MAKE YOU FEEL ANY BETTER :(

So, betaINGGG. My main focus/area of expertise is Le Grammars. Of course plot, characterization, etc are important as well, but I've seen WAY too many great fics with a lotta potential get tied up in the basic errors that are so easy to fix! Let me HELP you, for God's sake! That's what I'm HERE for!

Bottom line: "You can be smart, you can be dumb... or you can have good spelling."

PS: Although it says "K-M", take that to mean in my case "M only". I mean, really. If you have to post a K fic, get the hell out. :0 (I'm kidding. Fics of all ratings are good, but don't feel like you have to censor your fic just 'cos you're under 18! Power to tha [underage] peeps! XD) haha, I've left the ranks now O_o ... Awkward dragon. RAWR!

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Like I said, spelling and grammar. I mean, even if you're the slightest worried about those in your fic, I'd be happy to look it over for you. I tend not to care as much about plot and characters (although those are important), as long as it makes sense.

(I don't want to list "porn expert" under this, but I might have to. *beats head on wall*)

I've noticed a lot of people have trouble with connotation- that is, not the literal meaning of a word, but the subconscious meanings associated with it. I consider myself fairly expert in this, so call me if you think your writing seems "off" or just plain needs spicing up! HEYY~ WE GOT A THESAURUS, IT IS OUR FRIEND~~!

-ALSO: Tell me in your request how much of an ass you want me to be about your fic. Do you just want the grammars ironed out, need help with plot/story, need help with word choice and mood? TELL ME, MAN! Otherwise... I dunno. O.O

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Now, if some of you actually bother to read some of my stuff up there... haha. It's terrible. I direct you to the small writing at the top where it says when I wrote those. Several years ago. Yes, well. I pray that I have improved since then. -_- (HA HA HA! WE WERE ALL 15 ONCE, RIGHT...? /cower)

I'm also the person who completely forgets minor details in series/stories. But I'd be willing to look them up to help someone. ^.^

(..."Perfection is the pursuit of perfection"? There is SO much wrong with that statement, in terms of rhetoric... T_T) /distracted...

Oh, yeah, that brings me to something else... I have school, and other crap, and computer access isn't so easy for me. So don't feel offended if I don't answer back in a few days... or... weeks ;;o-o I try to prioritize beta jobs, but sometimes... stuff just gets in the way, y'know? (Lame excuses D= Punishment... scratch wounds from a hot needle that won't heal... or something like that.)

ALSO TELL ME IF I'M GETTING TOO MUCH UP IN YOUR CREATIVE LICENSE, YO! I can be a bitch. Sorry. Don't let me bully you. Lol.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Yaoi (AKA ghey) /heart/

Also psychological/horror stuff is my secret love...

-(Horror + yaoi? YES!) (pretty much the only stuff I'm reading nowadays)

GAY WOMEN (like mee!) are also love and win. (Where is all the good femmeslash on ff? Srsly, am I just missing it, or what?)

Shota is totally worshipped. (Num.)

Incest=WINcest. (You know you want to write it... ¬_¬)

Alright, I relent. Straight pairings are okay, too, as long as there isn't any actual sex. Holding hands I can deal with... as long as it's canon! (Or at least not a LOL BOOBS SHE IS HAWT FOR DIS ONE GUY)

And, well, just have some freakin' TASTE with any pairing, willya? Try to think of the characters as PEOPLE, like your FRIENDS that you CARE about, not just sexy avatars for whatever creepy little play you wanna put on. (...)

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
No hetporn, plz. Also no over-the-top OCs, AKA Mary Sue/Gary Stu. =) (Gonna regret putting this, but I HAVE seen some OCs that are really well handled, fit right in, etc. Again, HAVE SOME TASTE.)

...Even if I don't personally like it, I'll try to beta your fic to the best of my ability. MEOW~!


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