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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm what many people call a "vivid writer" and much more a vivid reader too. I enjoy writing and reading stories who's characters are very emotionally developed and to whom I can relate with personally. I love romance (not the gushy type) and the complexities that love weaves into our everyday lives. But I love adventure, I'm not one for quiet stories. I expect someone to entertain me both with a clever and well thought plot but also with even more clever and entertaining characters. I don't like run of the mill characters who appear to be the same as everyone elses', I don't like when writers choose ridiculous names for characters when they're not grounded in reality i.e Lexa for a late 19th century, Bulgarian character's name. I also expect the writer to have taken enough time to choose their words wisely, this means enough time and care to spell words correctly. I make MANY spelling errors but they're not out of carelessness. Most of all, I don't want a writer to conform themselves to what I expect. I enjoy a pure and individual voice, one different than mine, who can show me different ways to tell a story. I only wish to help develop those voices into stronger ones.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I would say that I'm very eloquent as a writer. Word choice is important to me and description as well. I'm very good at conveying the emotional tone of the story and the individualized characters. I'm also very good weaving a story of many different characters. I usually write in the third person-it is my strongest suit. I am also good at personal narratives. I tell a story like a movie does. I do not always rely on dialogue for content-when my character speaks, it is usually adding to plot or character development. I don't like meaningless chatter (only when necessary). I believe I am also good at character development, most of my fanfictions are to help me practice it. As a writer, I like my stories to be grounded in history/ reality. I'm good at weaving my research (names/dates) into my story, and try my damndest to make it as accurate as possible.

Here's a little character sample I took out of one of my character development RPGs-not perfect, but you can get an idea of how I like to write:

Werner Clov-Edsel:

I stood just outside of the dinning car, out on deck. The sea and sky were one mass of darkness, I sucked in another drag of my cigarette, watching the white smoke be consumed by the abyss we were sailing in.

It was rather horrid, how all these things turned out. I hadn't fathomed life to have hit such a rock bottom, but then I supposed that, as in all cases of life being a rather cruel bitch (not crueler than my wife, of course)...things always had the propensity to be worse.

So there was no point to really living, those suicidal cads had the right idea to do themselves in ahead of schedule.

I shrugged and flicked the butt into the water and watched it disintegrate into the churning waves.

Now, for appearances sake, I'll make this dinning business quick.

I turned and began my way to the dinning cart, the rock of the waves unable to phase my steady steps. Reaching for the cart door, I caught my reflection in the window pane.

The white, fitted dining suit, tailored by the finest Berlin could offer. Pristine cuffs and collar, a small ever green kerchief tucked into my smoking pocket. My ashen blond hair parted methodically three quarters down the middle and slicked down with brilliantine. I would've been the picture of a handsome aryan were it not for my face, the angular bone structure, the unsettling, dead blackness of my sardonic eyes-now, all consumed in shadow. The fine illumination on my scar. With the absurd nothingness of my expression, I was in truth the perfect picture of monstrosity.


I opened the cart door and strode in.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
As a writer I have many flaws. I wouldn't call myself a technically-based writer. Predicates, nouns, verbs, commas-all crap to me. I write with emotion and will often abandon traditional writing styles or grammatical correctness to accomplish exactly what I want. If you are poor with grammar-I can only help with the basics. I also have trouble with the journey of my story, some people who do not read with an emotional base often get lost in my descriptions. If you are a concise type of writer or need help being more concise with your story telling, I can only help you to a certain extent.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I love period pieces/historically-based stories. Some of my favorite books include The Gemma Doyle trilogy, The Winter Rose, The Historian, Bram Stoker's Dracula, the Portait of Dorian Gray. I love vampires and dark stories, I'm not afraid to read or write things that are very macabre or even a little distasteful to some. I love adventures most of all, I don't like to feel bored when I am reading (that's only for school). I love action, fighting, and also quiet romance/friendship. If you can weave all of these into a story, I'd be exited to read it.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I'm not into the new teen-highschool genre that is now dominating young reader's literature. I think they're meaningless and superficial. I do not mind modern pieces such as Sin City, or violent ones, but I do not like vulgarity for vulgarity's sake. I do not like overtly explicit things that make me feel uncomfortable, but I do not shy away from descriptive fight scenes or sex scenes. I also do not like the same type of story or flat characters. If you can not show character flaws in a hero(ine), I'm not that interested. (Sorry if this is long but I wanted to give you the full picture)
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