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Author has written 6 stories | Death Note, Prince of Tennis, La Corda D'Oro, and Vampire Knight.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader

So, a little bit about me-a junior in AP English with a strong average, Print Editor for our school newspaper and reporter for the political newspaper. So yes, I do know how to write.

I think that the point of Beta-reading is to help you become a better writer, so if you have a plot stuck in your head, and you don't know exactly where to go with it, I can also help you on that. Also, when you do send me a story, I'd like to know a little bit about how you view the characters, otherwise I'll have the tendency in to mold them into the people that I'm thinking of, particularly the characters that I have a very strong affinity with.

As for pairings, I do everything-however, if it's a lemon, I'll just skip over that, so sorry.

As for grammar and spelling-I'll admit, I'm only decent at that, though I refuse to edit stories that have chat-speak, or bad grammar-if I think that you didn't try on the story, I won't beta-read it.

I am the type of person who'll tell it to you like it is-if you're looking for someone who'll be nice while telling it, I'm not that person. I won't be absolutely cruel, but if I see an OC, a plot, or something that sounds weak, I'll waste no time in telling you.

So, after I've finished scaring you, I guess I can say that I am actually a pretty easy-going person-if I Beta a piece, I'll do my very best job on it, so I'll expect you to turn in something decently good too. I'd prefer to work with pieces that are mediocre to above in quality, but if it's a plot or something I find worthwhile, I would love to edit your piece. I edit very quickly, so you won't have to wait too long.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
My best strength is that I'm extremely good with adjectives and using vivid language to create good imagery. Also, I'm very good at characterization-most of my friends say that I can peg people dead on, and I happen to be very good at picking out an extremely Sue-like OC. The other thing that I'm good at is getting a good plot/telling you if the plot is worth it. I'll be brutally honest, but I'm good at finding something special or bad when I see it. I'm again, also fairly good at spelling and grammar.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
My weaknesses are the fact that I tend to ramble...I do a lot of that as can probably be seen here. So, if I go on and on about how you should emphasize a detail that you don't want to emphasize...please tell me. Also, I tend to see symbolism in things that don't really need/have symbolism..and I might start trying to change the gist of the story. If that happens, just tell me and I'll never say a word about it again. Also, I love to read romance stories, but I'm terrible at making a romance happen...in other words, my strength is not in creating a good romance. Though, if you give me one to work with, I can edit it well. Also, if you want me to think of a good title...that isn't happening. Check my own stories to see their pathetic titles. And time management-if you don't give me a deadline, I'll probably keep pushing it off, so you really need to give me a deadline otherwise you probably won't have your story back till the end of time...
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I prefer het pairings actually, but I'm fine with shounen-ai. Also, psychologically thrilling plots or plots with a great deal of angst...those I love to beta. Lots of symbolism makes me happy...I'm totally fine in editing poetry; actually, writing poetry is one of my strengths. Also, I really enjoy a good OC-if you think your OC is good, please let me have a look at it, because I love discovering worthwhile OC's.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
If you have a Mary-Sue...I won't shoot that story down right away, but I will shoot the OC down right away, and tell you what to change. I've seen hundreds of stories with amazing plots, only to be ruined because the character is a Mary-Sue. I can promise that I will prevent your story from becoming like those. I'm okay with horror, gore, and stuff..I mean, one of my favorite movies is Saw. But stories where everyone's on crack? Yeah I don't do those-I'm okay with humor, but it has to be reasonable humor, not everybody-is-high humor.
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