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Author has written 32 stories | Naruto, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, and Bleach.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
hello. my name is Evan. i am new to providing beta-ing services but i'll be very glad to assist you! i love reading and i've been writing since i was 11 years old though you only see one story posted because this is the account in which i only post yaoi. yes, i am a yaoi lover. i do NOT do het work, sorry! i'm a journalism major.

My list of no-no's:

1. my expectations for a story i would beta: the story is not angsty or emo-ish and has a fairly simple plot. i despise strong seme/weak uke sort of plots. fyi: my best friend's gay and the seme/uke thing is secondary to the relationship he shares with his boyfriend. i don't expect all relationships to work the same but i personally think the seme/uke issue is not as big of an issue as it is sometimes presented to be in some fics.

2. fics containing abbreviations i will simply IGNORE. do not send a fic that says "n he looked n2 his eyes n said, "'s all i was w8ing 4." i HATE that!

3. fics containing very obvious grammatical errors. like "tey wuent to thee par an sat thiere to ate thier lunch" i do not tolerate that either.

4. fics with a mixture of the author's point of view. example: "his eyes landed on that ass. let me tell you what a fine ass that was" it gets on my nerves!

5. extreme ooc-ness! example: sasuke's not happy-go-lucky and naruto's not a girlie-girl!

6. crack think it's pretty self-explanatory.

i'm cool with everything else.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
i am brutally honest and i like helping people. i'm ANAL about grammar: quotation marks, question marks, comas, parentheses and any other ortographic symbols that come to mind. so i'm good at spotting those. if you needed help with your plot i'll be more than glad to assist you so long as it doesn't take time away from my own fic and so long as you're not leaving all the work to me and you just sit back and enjoy. i love giving feedback!
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
i am brutally honest. by brutally honest i mean i'll come down hard on you but it's for your own good! i promise it won't be stuff that will make you cry but i don't like lying to people and pretending you're doing an amazing job when i know you could be doing much better. also i may take 3 days tops to get back to you. i'm a busy girl but i'm hard-working so i can assure you, you'll get my criticism back within this timeframe. it may come a bit sooner or it may delay a day but nothing too far outside from that timeframe.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others

Haru Wo Daite Ite

Dragon Ball Z

Naruto (only pairings i like):







also i prefer long stories so long one-shots and epics are accepted. PWPs float my boat too...

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
hetero work, anime i've never seen in my life (unfortunately i don't have too many animes/mangas to add to my list so sorry :( but i can help with those i've watched), yuri, rape, pedophilia, character deaths, westerns, poetry (this i don't do because i think it's just way too personal for someone to try and correct it), lemons i'm okay with!
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