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Author has written 12 stories | Ouran High School Host Club, Yu Yu Hakusho, Invader Zim, Fairly OddParents, Yu-Gi-Oh, Ed, Edd n Eddy, and Haru-Sari.
β : Amarthame is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I like to think that when it comes to writing, I work my best. Whether I am revising my own work or critiquing someone else's, I read thoroughly to catch everything that could possibly use improvement. I criticize ruthlessly but only when there is something there that needs criticizing, and I tend to err on the side of being a tad bit rude, I'm afraid, in the pursuit of being honest in my commentary. I do point out things that are particularly impressive, as well, so as to not only be saying bad things. I try to be balanced in regards to the types of comments I give.

I look most critically upon potential OOCness, though this is usually only within fandoms where I'm particularly comfortable with the characters. Closely following that, I focus heavily on word choice and syntax. My main focus in writing as a whole is emotional description, though I tend to look at this less critically, unless I find it to be used ineffectively. Overall, I work hard to point out everything and anything that needs work, and I'm careful not to overlook things. I have my limits, of course, so, naturally, I will not find stylistic hiccups in writing tens of times better than my own. To get a feel for my writing ability, take a look at my most recent work submitted to this website, though it's not quite up to par with my current work. It ought to give you enough of an idea, though.

I leave my comments in red text, in brackets throughout the piece, as well as lengthy general commentaries at the ends of chapters/sections and at the end of the fic. The length of my comments varies from short two-word notes on iffy punctuation to long paragraphs on syntax. I explain each of my comments to the fullest extent that seems necessary.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I look deep into writing and nitpick at things to try and help with the improvement of characterization and overall flow, including pointing out iffy word choice and slight choppiness when transitioning from one tone to the next in writing. I tend to be able to catch areas that feel rushed or forced, and I have a good grasp on the characters in the fandoms that I am most familiar with, including Invader Zim, Hana-Kimi, Danny Phantom, YuYu Hakusho, Yugioh, and to a lesser extent, Hikaru no Go, Ouran High School Host Club, and Claymore. My grasp on characters in the fandoms not listed here but listed in my preferred categories is not quite as good, but it is still decent for the majority of the main characters. My main focus in writing, in general, lies in emotional description and reader immersion into the characters' situations.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I don't catch all spelling and grammatical errors, and if I do spot a misplaced comma or a minute grammar screw-up, I might not think to point it out unless it really, honestly disrupts the flow of the story. Even if you ask specifically for me to pay attention to nitpicky grammar details, I probably won't catch them all. Beyond that, I may not notice if a story is progressing too slowly, or if there are plotholes that are anything less than absolutely blatant.

I also tend to take a long time to beta-read. I try not to, but I don't have too great a wealth of time. If you're looking for a beta that can look through twenty pages and have comments ready the next day, I am not that beta.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I write a lot of romance myself, so I prefer beta-reading it as well. But all around, I'm really happy to beta anything as long as it falls into my preferred categories and as long as I know the characters to a decent extent.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I will not beta humor, because everyone takes humor in different ways and I would hate to impose my views of what's funny and what's not onto your fanfic. I will also not beta most anything resembling PWP, but I can handle smut in a fanfic of a larger scale. I prefer not to beta poetry, as it's not my area of expertise, but I don't mind it. And I will not beta anything you write unless you take it seriously yourself; I'm only willing to invest energy to help you improve if you're willing to invest energy as well. There's always the chance that I will be unable to beta a fic for reasons other than the ones here, but it's unlikely.
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Anime Claymore
Cartoon Danny Phantom
Anime Death Note
Cartoon Fairly OddParents
Anime Gundam Wing/AC
Anime Hana-Kimi
Anime Hikaru no Go
Cartoon Invader Zim
Cartoon Jimmy Neutron
Anime Ouran High School Host Club
Anime Yu-Gi-Oh
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