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Author has written 22 stories | Naruto, Pokémon, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.
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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Well, as I've written in my hiatus area, I'm not exactly the most active beta out there. I've called myself a beta long before I met the so-called requirements of FFdotnet (no offense, Staff). Also, I don't consider this site the most efficient site to receive feedback; I can say this easily because I have tried to broadcast my work in other places before a very helpful friend told me about FFdotnet. It's an amazing collection of fanfiction, but there is little communication between author and reader. It has improved since the upgrades to the site, but I still feel the distance.

I tend to, sometimes, rewrite things to word them better. That is why when I do that, I'll alert the writer to read their work over carefully and see if they approve.

My wishes and expectations? Oh wow... I'd just like a "Thanks to too-much-romance for beta-ing my story" in whatever chapter I beta'd and that, if it's alright with the writer, to keep my notes at the end on what I thought myself about the story. No spoiling or anything; just my thoughts of the chapter (and maybe mention how hard the person worked to write it -giggle-).

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
My strengths, unfortunately, are only those that I have somewhat found common in others. Elaborating, when one reads one's own story, they naturally pass by some mistakes without realizing while another could more easily point out having not been so familiar with the piece. I do well with grammar and sometimes annoy my parents by correcting them. ^^; (Okay, that was kinda like boasting.) But I won't lie about people who type 733t (I don't even think I did that right) - IT TICKS ME OFF. That, and when someone tries talking to me with VERY BAD Taglish. -pinches bridge- It's hard enough to translate a language I don't know, the least they could do is write the full word...


Woah, what am I doing? Well, other than grammar skills, I think I'm pretty good idea-bounce-off-er. :D I also compulsively like to keep the author's notes and the literature and EVERYTHING ABOUT IT as organized as possible. One of my main goals in writing is for the sake of the reader: To have the story be understood. -nods- So if I don't get the reason for the tiniest doubt one makes the character feel, I'll question it. ;P

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I think I mentioned my weaknesses in my strengths description. O.O"

Well, when it comes to grammar, one of my weaknesses is homophones. I can stop myself from doing some like the their/they're/there trio but I sometimes forget the to/too/two trio. Sometimes I spell threw as through because I don't use threw as often as...through. Very embarrasingly, I also confuse write with right when I'm not thinking.

I cannot invision clothes or battle scenes too well (and in turn cannot write of them well either).

Poems are also the worst left in my possession. If you need help on rhyming a couple of novel words, I don't mind because I LOVE rhyming novel words. But a destruction poem and one with several meanings and motives like on the SATs, count me out! T.T

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Well, they need to be organized. Even if they're supposed to be some conspiracy-against-the-government type of style, it can be a conspiracy...oragnized. Address my "Ficlet to Ficlet" story for how my organization runs. Please specify if you want it in a different way or if you just don't care. ^^

I WELCOME LEMON AND LIME! But before I beta them, please how explicit you want everything to be. I'm trying to work on being more explicit in my own work as well. :D

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
"Not My Cup Of Tea"...hehehe...

Poems. First thing I can think of. Rhyming, I can do GREATLY. Destruction poems and aggravatingly complicated ones like on the SATs, I can do...POORLY. Destruction poems are fun and all, but they are as hell difficult to beta. XO

I also do not like to betaread BASHING stories. If they include severe bashing of characters, then they just get me down.

Take note that if asked/begged severely, I WILL beta those kinds of pieces with dignity, all that I require is the credit, a few notes at the end of the piece, and one's willingness to organize and explain.

Thank you for flying the Pilipine Airlines. :D *random*

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