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Author has written 18 stories | Lord of the Flies, Simpsons, Gundam Wing/AC, Sailor Moon, and Black Panther.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader

I enjoy reading as much as I do writing, and seeing another writer's spectacular work never ceases to amaze me. I do read for entertainment, detail and seek an opportunity to view a character's mind and perspective towards life.

I know we all have strengths and weaknesses, but that's part of what makes our journey as writers. For the record, I do enjoy reviewing someone's work. I will spend at least two days to look at two written chapters. Sentence structure, character development, and presentation will be looked at. If your spelling is an issue, let me know in advance. I will help correct the simple errors there, but my main focus for beta-reading will rely solely on the overall content of your story. If English is not your first language, that's an exception - I'm more than willing to offer you a hand.

It is very common to struggle with countless plot bunnies and, eventually, lose your intended focus on your story. Don't worry - I'll help you stay on track with that. Writing is an art and, once breathed to life, the colours (muses) will try to scatter in every direction. All hope is not lost - there are many ways to stay focused on your goal.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
- Proofreading

- Spelling

- Context

- Effective dialogue (and presentation)

- Show versus Tell (which I am becoming more attuned to)

- Characterization

- Plot building/believability

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
- I have a tendency to struggle with my tenses. Sometimes I switch between past and present - still practicing! TIP: Choose one and stick with it as best as you can for the duration of the story.

- Action scenes are very hard for me to write (in case your story calls for that). I can still visualize what's happening, and make inferences to the how and why factor. However, extensive scenes of combat/warfare are the trickiest to craft - yet I enjoy reading them a lot, lately. So I'm still willing to practice, but be warned! I'll do my endeavour best to refer you to a Beta who is very skilled in this area (and once you post your story/chapter, don't forget to acknowledge them in your Author's Notes).

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
- Anything entertaining and adventurous.

- Stories that take time to explore parts of a character in various situations. Your imagination is worth it!

**If your story is an AU (alternate universe/canon divergence), please let me know. What I will help you with (especially the last three listed in the "My Strengths" section) still applies.**

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
- PWP. I've written one before, so... don't get me wrong, lemons and limes don't bother me. If they're smutty and poorly written, high porn quality (which is an MA/NC-17 rating, not allowed on this site), with no purpose, characters are OOC... I will skip. Gratuitous rape will be turned down without question, as I do find the subject matter, handled in such a way, disturbing.

- I love comedy, but please be mindful enough to keep canon characters in-character! Regardless of the situation they may find themselves in, there is a way to master a comical piece. I will offer assistance in this regard. OOC, if it's not a parody or a songfic of sorts, means serious trouble! Try to be reasonable.

- Gore - when you see blood and guts in extremes. NC-17, no thanks. Otherwise, watch Hellsing (Ok... don't!)

- Incest, no thanks. That will get skipped without question. Explicit non-con, depends on why you're tackling the subject, and if your multi-part story is expected to lead up to that. Canon characters still need to be true to themselves, regardless of the outcome. I'd rather read an implied version, though. In other words, I will get the idea that something of that nature is happening/did happen to someone, but that's as far as I will go in terms of scene detail. BDSM is also a no-go.

- I don't mind pairings, as I tend to be a free-for-all (in OHSHC, GW & SR). However, there are a handful that I will skip without question. Chang Wufei/Treize Kushrenada... -_- Trunks/Pan... -_- Honey/Haruhi... (I cannot picture them. Enlighten me.) They throw me off, especially if there's a major age difference (an adult with a child/teenager, NOT okay). Now you know.

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