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Author has written 12 stories | Gargoyles, Teen Titans, Beetlejuice, Naruto, Ironman, iCarly, Baby Daddy, Green Lantern, Seven Deadly Sins/七つの大罪, Zootopia, and Voltron: Legendary Defender.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I am a an avid reader, always looking from different angles for ways to improve/help others with their writing (part of my real life identity). I will offer an assessment of the material if asked for it, I am willing to hash out ideas and be a sounding board if needed. Admittedly, I find nothing ruins a great story for me quicker than poor spelling/grammar and overused or misplaced phrases. I will be as nice as possible (I am not out to hurt anyone's feelings or harsh on anyone's ideas) when working with you unless you ask me to "fix it" then please expect the English teacher side of me to come out and use the metaphorical red pen on your work.

I am a very congenial person and I do play nice. I will take your work seriously and work as hard as I can to help you.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Spelling, grammar, word choice, English language mechanics. I like being accurate, to the point it could be seen as a weakness and probably should. Wordplay and puns. Really bad jokes.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I am comma happy at times. There are certain phrases (i.e. "bridal style") that drive me to distraction. When authors use every shade of a specific color (like instead of saying green they use the terms Verdant, ocean, forest, emerald, apple, lime, et cetera to describe the same pair of eyes. Lime and emerald are not even the same shade) to describe eye color on the same page of the story more than 4 times. And yes, I realize how poorly worded the previous sentence is. The BIGGEST weakness would be accuracy, I am a stickler for going back and researching to make absolutely sure that something is written as accurately as possible.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Happy stories, fluff, serious works, just for fun things. I'm willing to try almost anything (please see "Not My Cup Of Tea" for those I think I'd be better off not beta-ing) once to see how it goes.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Fill in the blank/drop down menu stories: any story where an author is rewriting the same story for a different fandom and just changing out the name where applicable.

Gratuitous gore/death stories: I am not in this to see people die because you have that power and same for overly bloody, beating somebody for the sake of beating somebody without it moving the story forward in anyway.

I can deal with not having a happy ending for a story but there has to be a conceivable reason why.

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