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Author has written 3 stories | Emergency, Justice League, and AcceleRacers.
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Hi My name is Shayla I love to read A LOT!

I am a laid back reader I read anything and everything when I can

I love a lot of action (and trouble when I can find any)

I love to read anything as long as I understand it I hate reading a story and not understand what the plot is and when People just suddenly make up new characters and not give a decent background for them unless its like a mystery story and they have a bad past but it has to come out sometime! Kinda like Logan in X-Men

I read really fast on weekends but I'm kinda slow on weekdays because of school so on weekends you should get your story back in atleast 24 hours

weekdays maybe a day or so but no londer then 3 day after that you can yell at me

Also DETAIL! I am a major detail girl I like a lot of it but not to where you take a picture of the room or person and describe every single thing about them but to me a good amount of detail is important!

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I'm a good speller I'm the idiot that actually read part of the dictionary once.

I love to help and encourage people! I love to give Ideas and thoughts and suggestions I'm not hard at all I'm really kind most people think its a weakness I think its a strength

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I seriously suck at Grammer I'm sorry I truly do I can't really even tell you where to put a period I'm really sorry I can't help you when it comes to that kinda stuff I'm working on learning
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I love Angst! especially with characters that don't show much emotion like House off House M.D or Logan off of X-men I love to see them show feeling or being forced to come out about something

I also love Drama don't ask why I just do I get a big kick out of it

I also love stories with main characters are in pain I know I'm cruel but I find it Extremely entertaining

oh yea one more thing

sex. okay I find it entertaining also but I don't like a story with people screwing each other every single chapter it makes it kinda dull

and if you are going to send me those types of Scenes make it Decently detailed NO i'm not trying to be perverted but like I said detail is important

oh and I just wanted to add this these are the parings I seriously enjoy

House: House/Cuddy and a couple other people no offense but I don't like house being gay i'm sorry but NOOOOO!

Buffy: Buffy and anyone except Oz and any girls i'm sorry but I also don't see Buffy as Bi well maybe bi but not lesbian oh! if anyone has ANY Giles pieces PLEASE PLEASE let me know there is not enough Giles Stories out there!

Star Wars : Han Leia

I am Seriouse Die Hard Han Solo Fan! I could go on and on about him!

any stories with him in pain is Very cool with me.

A-Team - Okay the only slash paring I allow is Murdock and Face im also a Murdock OC or a Face OC there my main two fave characters

Dukes of Hazzard : I'm Sorry but NO SLASH! I'm So sorry but NOOOOOO!

and No Incest I prefer Alot of Bo Pieces but I'll Practically read any Dukes stories

Emergency: No slash also please forgive me also I am Die hard Johnny Fan So any Johnny stories are so okay with me I want any of those! I thrive off of Johnny storys

Hardy Boys: any OC characters are fine with me and any relationship is cool too.

One Piece: I will only read one slash pairing and thats Zollo/Sanji also Zollo/Nami is cool with me too I am also a Die Hard Zollo fan he is my fave character especially when he's in pain.

Pirates of the Caribbean - I only really want Jack stories and Jack is I repeat IS NOT Gay! I'm sorry but I can't see it in my mind

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I don't really like slash I'm not against it or for it I'll do it. The ones with the one Star is the ones im starting to like the ones with two stars is the ones i really love now for some reason

**Zolo and Sanji in One piece




so beware if you want me to beta your story and its slash send me a message on the pairing first I'm Very picky on that

I'm not much for comedy either unless its seriously funny

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