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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm an aspiring editor with a near and dear love of reading and helping people improve in their writing. In terms of fanfiction, if you desire help with a character's personality, I am strongest in the Yu-Gi-Oh, Gundam Wing and Weiss Kreuz fiction areas, and am also relatively comfortable with Yami no Matsuei / Descendents of Darkness and Hunter x Hunter areas of fiction. Other options I've enabled are for series' which I have finished, and either have on hand as a reference, or am strongly comfortable with.

I can be a bit of a tough critic at times, but I do what I can to refrain from being too harsh. If you confront me with any form of Mary-Sue, or original character as a main character of your story, I will blantantly refuse to assist you, as I have fought against the Mary-Sue overload for nearly five years now. The exception to this is for Ragnarok Online writers, whom I may critique more harshly on characterization, simply to keep from overbearing or simply Mary-Sue characters, which do crop up now and then.

Despite this, I am relatively amiable, and I always appreciate a good love story, mystery, or simply a new or well-revised plot.

I look forward to working with people, and meeting other fans, especially in a learning environment - we all have something to learn from one another.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I am Canadian, and my spelling may be different from those of you who are American, but despite this my spelling and grammar are quite good and I rarely miss a beat when it comes to editing.

I am also strong in sentence structure, and I can help you make the most of each of your sentences. Sometimes wordiness isn't the key; a lot of the time, people forget that it's the way you say it that matters most.

I work a good deal in descriptive writing, and dealing with how things look in your head in comparison to how it appears to a reader on the page.

Inner-monologues or stream of consciousness writing with insight into a characters' personality or specific thoughts, especially in first person, is also a strength for me.

Inconsistancies are another thing I spot with relative ease - something like an inconsistancy can make or break a story, so make sure your ideas are solid!

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I am a good deal weaker when it comes to dealing with dialogue. Though I can manage, it is most certainly not my strongest suit.

Jargon, especially from Europe, I'm afraid I can't quite get a grasp on, and often simply cannot work with it due to lack of understanding.

If a plot is doing something that I don't understand, or can't justify while betaing, I'm afraid there's little I can do to help, especially since I work in detail with plot and how everything comes together to create a story.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
As mentioned in my profile, I would prefer to beta for Yu-Gi-Oh, Weiss Kreuz or Gundam Wing writers, though I wouldn't throw a fit for Yami no Matsuei or Hunter x Hunter writers (Though, Greed Island OVAs have fled me so far, so I may or may not be able to help if something links directly to that!).

I don't mind yaoi, yuri or het pairings, though I may wish to speak with you about your story before agreeing automatically to beta it, simply because I do have a stronger grasp of some characters than others, and I'd rather you had someone who could help you best. If I don't think I'll be of use to you, I will recommend you find someone else - this is meant for your benefit alone.

Again, I am quite fond of romance, occult / supernatural and epic stories, though I don't mind reading a good mystery, I tend not to write them, but I can help with consistancies and making sure everything follows a logical train of thought.

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
There is very little I will refuse to read or beta. If it contains an original character as a main character, I refuse to read or beta it. (Again, the exception to this is for Ragnarok Online writers, who I would prefer to speak with about their characters prior to acceptance or rejection of a beta-reading.)

Aside from that, I am open to almost anything - if I don't think I can help you with a story, I will recommend that you find a different beta-reader, and it isn't meant to hurt any feelings, it's simply meant in your best interests. I'd love to see everyone succeed.

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