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Author has written 6 stories | Yu-Gi-Oh GX, and Evangelion.
β : Jadenandalexis4eva is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
As a Beta-reader I will look critically at character and story development. I'll try to help with predicates and tenses in terms of grammar though I am not very proficient in punctuation. My expectations are not very high but I would like to see at least some basic skill of grammar, spelling and correct tense and verb use. In terms of who I am as a beta-reader I will give both the positives and shortcomings of the stories at hand. If confused I am usually available via email in either the fanfiction.net message or my personal myspace account. I look forward to the stories that I will be sent in the future and will try to accommodate any and all requests thrown my way.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Most of my strengths lie in story and character development especially when it comes to relationships between two characters. I am very proficient at taking the original stories of most series and making them my own. Spelling is another strength in my writing one of which I am very proud. I have excellent command of the English language and can spice up stories with excellent and rarely used vocabulary words. I also have a good grip on using tenses in terms of past and present and try not to mix the two.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
My biggest weakness is grammar. I have a hard time in comma usage and punctuation. Do not expect me to be harsh on these areas as I do not have a good grip on them either. I also have a tendency to ramble and be redundant in my stories.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
There are not many stories I will not accept. However, among the one's that I will include the following TV shows:

Avatar Evangelion Naruto Full Metal Alchemist Love Hina Yu-Gi-Oh Yu-Gi-Oh GX!
Ronin Warriors Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball Tenchi Muyo


Kim Possible Family Guy Fairly Odd parents

Pairings I like:
Avatar: Aang & Katara, Zuko & Mae, Sokka & Suki, Sokka & Princess Yui, and any friendship pairings.

Evangelion: Shinji & Asuka (DUH!), Shinji & Misato, Misato & Kaji, Shinji & Rei, Ritsuko & Maya Family pairings (Not incestual but warm hearted, I.E.: Gendo & Shinji, Shinji & Rei).

Naruto: Naruto & Hinata, Naruto & Sakura, Sasuke & Sakura, Ino & Shikamaru, Temari & Shikamaru, Ten-Ten & Rock Lee, Rock Lee & Sakura, Ten-Ten & Neji, Kakashi & Corinai (Don't ask me why), and various friendship pairings.

Full Metal Alchemist: Riza & Roy, Ed & Winry, Al & Winry, Al & Marta, Ed & Rose, and Brotherhood pairings.

Love Hina: Naru & Keitaro, Mutsume & Keitaro, Motoko & Keitaro

Yu-Gi-Oh: Seto & Serenity, Yugi/Pharoh & Tea, Joey & Mai, Tristan & Serenity, Yugi & Mai, Tea & Seto,

Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Jaden & Alexis, Syrus & DMG, Chazz & Jasmine, Chazz & Blair, Syrus & Mindy, Atticus & Mindy, pretty much anything here.

Ronin Warriors: Ryo & Mia, Kento & Mia, Anubis & Kayura,

Dragon Ball Z: Krilin & 18, Gohan & Videl, Bulma & Vegeta, Bulma & Yamcha,

Dragon Ball: Goku & Chi Chi, Yamcha & Bulma

Tenchi Muyo: Sasami & Tenchi, Ayeka & Tenchi, Ryoko & Tenchi (FAVORITE!), Mihosi & Tenchi, Kiyone & Tenchi, Washu & Tenchi.


NCIS: Gibbs & Shepherd, McGee & Abby, Tony & Ziva, Tony & Kate,

JAG: Harm and Mac, Mick and Mac, Bud & Harriett


Kim Possible: Ron & Kim, Zita & Alex, Drakken & Shego, Ron & Yori (sparingly)

Family Guy: Basic ones, mostly comedy here.

Fairly Odd Parents: Timmy & Trixy, Timmy & Veronica, Cosmo & Wanda

Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Anything TV besides NCIS and JAG I cannot do since I don't watch TV besides those two show's and the Anime's listed. Movies I will not rewrite, too complicated and too many things to deal with. Anime's such as Bleach, Vampire hunter D, and Helsing As well.

Pairings I will not write for:

Avatar: Aang & Zuko, Zuko & Katara, Aang & Azula, Aang & Sokka, Aang & Jet, Anything with Jet will not be written for. (It's a kids show people come on. Gay stuff doesn't happen, I respect it but will not write for it.)

Evangelion: Shinji & Kaji, Shinji & Toji, Shinji & Kensuke, Ritsuko & Misato, Rei & Asuka, Asuka & Kaji, Gendo & Fuyutski, Aoba & Hyuga (I will write for the couple above Ristuko & Maya because there is something there absolutely, however, when there's nothing there or when 1 character is doing all the work it doesn't make sense to write for it in my opinion)

Naruto: Naruto & Sasuke, Kakashi & Naruto, Naruto & Haku. (One kiss does not a pairing make, please do not send me Sasuke and Naruto fics, they are my least favorite).

Full Metal Alchemist: Roy & Hughes, Roy & any of his soldiers aside from Riza, Al & Ed (No incest please, and again there's not much for gay stuff in Full metal.)

Love Hina: Keitaro & Kentaro (DO NOT SEND ME IT!)

Yu-Gi-Oh: Joey & Yugi, Joey & Tristan, Seto & Joey, Seto & Yugi, Tea & Joey, Yuig & Pharoh, Duke & anyone (Again no Gay stuff please, it's a kids show not happening).

Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Jaden & Jesse (This I can't stress enough, they're like brothers but they are not gay in any way shape or form, please do not send me Spiritshipping, It's cute but not possible, again kids show.) Jaden & Syrus, Jaden & Hassleberry, Chazz & Alexis, Jesse & Alexis, Aster & Alexis, Zane & Alexis, Bastion & Alexis, Syrus & Alexis, Syrus & Chazz, (you get the idea also no incest please).

Dragon Ball Z: Goten & Trunks, Vegeta & Goku, Krilin & Goku, Krilin & Gohan Piccolo & Goku, No incest please.

Tenchi Muyo: None really, just again No gay stuff.


NCIS: Gibbs & Dinozzo (Unless it's a father thing), Abby & Ziva, Abby & Kate, Gibbs & Ziva, Shepherd & Tony, McGee & Tony,

JAG: Harm & Harriett, Harm & Admiral, Mac & Admiral, Mac & Bud, Bud & Harm


Kim Possible: Ron & Zita, Ron & Bonnie, Drakken & Dementor, Kim & Josh, Kim & Bonnie, Kim & Monique,

Fairly Odd Parents; Timmy & Wanda, Timmy & Cosmo, Timmy & Chester, Timmy & AJ, Crocker & Wexleplex, Dad & Mom.

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