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Author has written 8 stories | Beka Cooper series, and Inheritance Cycle.
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Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Well, my author name is Lady Wolf. I've written several stories of my own, and although i'm relatively lax when it comes to my own grammar, i'm pretty good at offering suggestions for stuff i'm reading. I'm a college student, and an english major, so chances are good that i have some knowledge on character development, style, and diction/syntax. Send me a PM if you need my help, and no i haven't read Twilight, so i can't help with that story.

Now for my style. Generally if you send me your story as a word document I will peruse it, looking for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, plot, and general characterization issues. Then, I go back into the document and edit with a different color (so the author knows what I've changed) Sometimes I write a long note at the bottom or in the returning email about the general things. The author will then go through and look at what I've said and make the changes he or she desires... though i am known to hound if i think certain changes should've been made, but were completely ignored...

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Grammar i'm okay with. I've taken several courses in it, and i'm good when i'm applying it to school work, so i catch most things. But I'm, more of a syntax/diction specialist, as well as style and character development and interaction. I'm pretty good with thinking up conversations, as well as where chapters could use some "fleshing out." Also: very prompt with answers, and almost always on the computer...
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Um. I'm picky about the stories i'll Beta for. Also, i'm brutally honest, so i tend to leave REALLY long lists of suggestions (some of which) may be hard to take, change, and internalize. So, if you can take the heat, i'm listening. Also, i have periods of insane creativity, in which, i just write write write on my own stuff, so i might be on Hiatus, several times a month. But don't worry, i always come back. If you're worth it.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Well, for starters, I like authors who are willing to write in a lot. I make a lot of comments, and if you're going to hear them, and then go, "i don't want to write in any of that, i just want to write all the fluff," then, buh-bye. If you've only got a preference for little 200 word drabbles, i won't read it. A Great and Terrible Beauty, Tamora Pierce (but only Tortall...i haven't read the circle books) Eragon, and Blood and Chocolate.... Maximum Ride...maybe, if you're willing to write a lot. And please please please, have a plot.... to often, it's just. "hey, i'm this character, and i'm in love with (x) oh, why doesn't (x) love me? Lets go make out!" NO NO NO! I want character development, with story, and plot, and ugh..... i will hound for that. I will! ( i like a little fluffiness, but if it's just all fluff, on every page, you get cavities, and it gets boring.) Moments of fluff add to the plot, but there has to be a PLOT, a story that makes sense!
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Extensive chapters of slash/smut/incest/lemons/angst and etc are a big no-no. I don't want to read an entire chapter on two characters making out...v. boring. No long soap opera laments either (ex. he's so hot, and i'm just so ugly, i'll never be with him. Next chapter, "i love you...") And i don't do angst and death and horror, because i like the catharsis (or resolving the issues) ending of a story. No Catharsis, Lady Wolf no read. Also, no AU. If it takes place in Alalgaesia/Tortall/1897 London, then those characters do not belong in 2008 New York. Sorry, and no offense meant, but those stories are rarely any good. Nope. Oh, And i'm a stickler for OOC, if you want to write someone OOC, i'm just going to hound you about it... so, if you want to write Vivian/Kel/Gemma/Eragon as yourself, by all means, do so. But i want to read about the ORIGINAL characters. not you. *see, what did i say, brutally honest*

Also, as far as pairing between characters, for all the books, i'm okay with the Canon (KelDom, BekRos, AlannaGeorge, DaiNumair, Vivian/Gabriel, Gem/Kar) EXCEPT ERAGON! I'm sorry, but i don't do Arya/Eragon. I don't like Arya. And i don't mind other pairings, but only if you've got a really good reason for making it (like Alanna/Jon or Gemma/Simon).

That said, i'm really not that bad. Just a little temperamental.... don't let that stop you from asking for my help!

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