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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Why would I want to beta-read you ask? There are several reasons for that, but the most important one is quite simple. I've seen so many stories with ENORMOUS potential, yet they were turned into barely passable fanfics due to the rushing of the author, bad grammar or because the authors were influenced by the more persistant reviewers to change the plotline. If you want me to beta your story, be prepared for criticism. I don't expect you to update regulary, I don't even mind you putting your stories on hiatus for some reason, that is your decision and I'm sure you will have your reasons for it. What I do expect is simple: put your heart into the story, dont rush things and stick to the plot. Yes, I expect you to have a plot for your story, or at the very least a good idea of where you want your fanfic to go. Also, seeing as I may only select two languages I am fluent in to be put on my beta profile, you might also like to know that the other languages I can beta-read in are Russian and German.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
My strengths as a beta-reader are as follows: grammar (Even though English isn't my first language, it is still a fact that I have no problems in that area.), a good sense of pace, enough imagination to give you advice if you are stuck somewhere and a healthy sense of humor which I intend to use while criticizing you. I do not like to be harsh to people, so you don't have to worry about me going psycho on you just because you did something wrong(In my eyes, that is). I am always ready to listen to your arguments, if our oppinions happen to differ... and then proclaiming them as invalid. Just kidding. If you make a good point or two, I will relent and let you do what you think is the right thing.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
My weaknesses would be punctuation and typos, as you might have noticed if you have read my stories. I tend to put random commas into sentences and sometimes forget to use the space bar. So far I also have no experience in beta-reading, so this is comepletely new for me. I'm pretty sure that I can take the time to beta-read, but sometimes I might not be aviable to you for a couple of days.
Also, you might have noticed that I only have one story of my own, and not a very long one (yet) at that. That means that I am not quite as experienced as some other betas you might find in the Beta Readers-section.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Of course I would prefer to beta-read a story that I am actually interested in. As I have many interests I will most likely accept any kind of story as long as it doesn't fit the description in the 'Not my cup of tea' section.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I will not beta-read slash/yaoi/yuri fanfics. Why? I'm not interested in them. I have read several very good shounen ai fanfics, but even though the stories were great I didn't get as much sattisfaction from them as I would have if there had been no romance at all. Harem fanfics will also most likely be rejected, unless it's a crack fic or is otherwise meant as a joke. I will also not accept to beta fanfics that concentrate on more than two pairings. Note that I said concentrate. That means that the author tries to closely describe the building relationship between two characters. In my opinion it is impossible to describe many relationships at once without losing focus of the story. I will not accept requests to beta a story that has chapters shorter than 2k words each.
Now that I think about it, in order to know what I think of as a good story you might want to read my profile. It has a very expressive rant in it that closely describes my dislikes as to certain aspects of the many different Naruto fanfics (I assume that I will be mostly asked to read over Naruto stories, even though it is not the only Anime/Manga I am willing to beta-read).
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