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Author has written 15 stories | Naruto, Death Note, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Kingdom Hearts.
β : Naygo is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I hope to help those who need it, because writing always should be shared. It's how we get what's in our head out when we can't talk it out.
I am picky as hell about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I do intend to let you know what to consider for new words, and other such things. Tell me what you're most concerned about your piece, and I'll look deep into and tell you what I feel and how I perceive it.
I'm also big on what kind of story you're wanting help with and what pairing, or what style. If you flat ass out suck, and I read some of your work and it seems like you're not trying, I will not help you. If you really want to improve, I'll do what I can.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I excel in synonyms and antonyms. I prefer using highly educated words, while still sounding like something I would write or say aloud. If it doesn't sound like you in your writing, you're trying too hard and need to take it down a notch and just be yourself in writing. Remember everyone makes mistakes and nothing is perfect.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
my weaknesses as a writer are that I skip letters and sometimes even words when I really get going. I run it through a couple of different spell-checks and it's a lot better, but I still go through it reading it quietly out loud to myself to make sure it sounds good. Word by word.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I prefer Anime and Yaoi pairings from Naruto, Death Note, and DNAngel. I can help with depressing stories of any sort, poetry, and even GASP! Lemons! gender swaps, high school settings, hell I can help with just about anything you can think of. Even if I don't like a pairing, I'll help in anyway I can. And I will refuse any Yaoi or yuri pairings for Fruits Basket. There are no exceptions to this rule.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
OK this is an easy one. I won't help Harry potter anything. I won't help with anything outside anime. Gomen, that's just how I role. Obviously I don't know ALL anime so I can't do anything for something I have no clue as to who the characters are or why they act the way they do or what's going on.
As for pairings I don't like... well here they are in a list.
From Naruto:
1. Sasuke x Sakura 2. Sasuke x Sai 3. Naruto x Hinata 4. Naruto x Sakura 5. Naruto x Sai 6. Naruto x Ino 7. Sasuke x Ino 8. Orochimaru x Sasuke 9. Orochimaru x Kabuto 10. Orochimaru x Naruto 11. Itachi x Sasuke 12. Itachi x Naruto 13. Itachi x Sakura 14. Itachi x Kakashi 15. Kakashi x Naruto 16. Kakashi x Sakura 17. Arashi x Kakashi 18. Arashi x Obito 19. Kakashi x Rin 20. Obito x Rin 21. Obito x Naruto (yes I've seen something this stupid)
22. Madara x Itachi 23. Madara x Kisame 24. Madara x Sasuke 25. Akamaru x Anyone except Pakkun MAYBE.
26. Fugaku x Arashi 27. Fugaku x Kyuubi 28. Naruto x Gaara 29. Gaara x Temari 30. Gaara x Kankuro 31. Kankuro x Temari 32. Kankuro x The Krow (WTF!? Krow is a puppet you freaks! TTwTT)
33. Kankuro x Kiba (seriously... this pairing doesn't even make sense.)
34. Iruka x Naruto (it's fatherly. NOTHING ELSE.)
35. Kakashi x Gai (. . . GROSS.)
36. Jiriaya x Naruto 37. Jiriaya x Arashi 38. Sasuke x Karin 39. Gaara x Lee 40. Kushina x Arashi I don't really have the room to write all the pairings I don't like, but if you don't see it up there, I suggest asking about it first.

From Death Note:
1. Soichiro x Matsuda 2. Soichiro x L 3. Misa x Mogi 4. Mogi x Izawa 5. Misa x Izawa 6. Misa x Raito (this is iffy. If it's a good story and well written, I'll probably do it.)
7. Raito x Ryuk 8. Raito x Rem 9. L x Ryuk 10. L x Rem Again, questions about pairings are more then welcome, they are necessary.

From DNAngel:
1. Dark x Daisuke 2. Dark x Risa 3. Dark x Riku 4. Dark x Satoshi 5. Satoshi x Risa 6. Satoshi x Riku 7. Satoshi x Krad 8. Risa x Krad 9. Risa x Riku 10. Risa x Daisuke 11. Riku x Daisuke 12. Daisuke x Krad 13. Daisuke x Hio 14. Satoshi x Hio 15. Dark x Hio 16. Krad x Hio Yeah questions are great XD So uhhh that's just about it. If you're concerned about ANYTHING I will respond within a 2 day waiting period.

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