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Author has written 10 stories | Maid Sama!, Kaze no Stigma/風のスティグマ, Akatsuki no Yona/暁のヨナ, and Doctor Who.
β : FooFooCuddlyPoof is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I am Foofy, I've been writing and editing fanfictions for 9 years now. I am not a professional, I'm just someone who's done this for a while now. I get bored of my own ideas so I'd like to try enjoying editing and helping someone else write for a change.

Do check my published stories to get an idea of my writing style. But keep in mind, my stories will only show my PERSONAL writing style. As a beta-reader, I adjust to the personal writing style of the author I'm editing for.

I'm won't mind it if you ignore my corrections, comments or suggestions. Like I said, I respect your writing style but I am expecting you are open minded to what I have to say since you asked me to help you in the first place.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I'm good in making it sound natural. (Relative to the context tone or emotion)

Spelling. A bit unimpressive with today's easy access to the dictionary and spell check features or softwares, but I AM good at it though. :)

Catching repetitiveness, awkwardness and boring flags. I'm gonna be honest, I'm also prone to these mistakes that's why I always take my time reading my own works again and again, revising them as much as needed before publishing.

I'm also a bit good in catching OC parts (Out of Character parts), and like I said, I'm also prone to this mistake so I do take my time making sure everyone's in character.

I've got an eye for flow and continuity. From the textual sense to emotional sense of the story, I like making sure that everything flows well and realistic.

Romance. I have written romance since I started writing. It's something I love reading and writing. I am born for this shit, (not a prodigy but you know, I just love its idea so much.) I am particularly good with fusing romance into everything. Comedy, angst, friendship, hurt/comfort...(You name it, I romanticize it!)

Angst. I've written quite a few for angst (Nowhere near pro but I've become better at it and willing to help out).

Note: I might suck at my own works sometimes but I can easily detect areas of improvement with works of others.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Vocabulary. This will be forever a struggle for me especially if you want to use words that are 'difficult'. It's not bad to practice and expound your vocabulary, I even encourage people to do so. I just wanna make sure it won't become a hindrance between the author's thoughts and intentions and the reader's perception. Although there are times when a 'new' or 'difficult' word gets the interest of a reader and will look it up on the dictionary, there are more times when the reader just skips it and just get a gist of the context. (Which is not the goal for writers!). I like making sure that the thought is not sacrificed for the sake of the word being pretty or different.

Bottomline, Vocabulary is not something I am particularly bad in, but something I'm not excited to carelessly venture out with.

Action. I love watching and reading action. But unfortunately I absolutely can NOT write it. I'm embarrassingly bad at it. I swear. I can only point out grammar errors for this. But this doesn't mean I can't help writers with it. I've got an eye for a good action scene but I just can't develop one from my own head.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I'd prefer to beta-read stories that are within my area of specialties. (Though I'm not afraid to step out of that comfort zone, if you're confident enough to ask me for help.)
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Sappy, cheesy romance. I love writing romance but I can not handle overly serious, cheesy romance.

I will not beta-read if its category is out of my experience. If I do not know the characters even the tiniest bit, I will not beta-read. (I respect characterization too much, I'm afraid I might destroy it)

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Language: English & Filipino
Content Rating: Fiction K » M
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Anime Akatsuki no Yona/暁のヨナ
Anime Barajou no Kiss/薔薇嬢のキス
Anime Kaze no Stigma/風のスティグマ
Anime La Corda D'Oro
Anime Maid Sama!
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