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Author has written 11 stories | House, M.D., Death Note, Naruto, Sherlock Holmes, and Harry Potter.
β : Orangey10 is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
Up ‘til now, I have beta-read for my friends and they reckon that I'm quite a pedantic beta, with focuses on continuity, spelling and grammar. My friend's stories have been very varied - I've beta-ed an ItachixOC fanfic and even quite a hard-core eloquent 13-page-a-chapter ItaxOro, bizarrely. Because of this, I reckon I'm pretty prepared for anything you choose to throw at me (I hope).br /

Preferably I'd like the author to email/pm me about how they think they're writing the story. For example, both Artemis Fowl and Harry Potter are very good series, but they have distinctly different writing styles, and as I generally lead towards the Harry Potter/long writing with eloquent vocabulary style, you'll need to tell me for example whether you want to make your story purposefully sarcastic or give it a poetic lilt, etc. so I can beta with that in /

I am half British half Japanese - the best of both worlds! :D I've heard that especially American authors like to have the word of a British beta when reviewing their Harry Potter fics to make sure everything is realistic. Likewise, if you want to add a semblance of realism to your anime fic, then I'll do my best to see if there's anything I can point /

Also: I notice that a lot of authors on here like to write stories for the fangasmic response it will generate due to pairings and whatnot. This beta proudly states that she has never supported a pairing in such a hardcore way, and that fangasmic squeezing will not happen unless I am that happy with what you’ve done, and will not get in the way of much-needed constructive criticism. I am especially unfavourably disposed towards pairings that most likely would not happen in canon or does not make /

Partly because of time reasons (important): my policy for accepting fics to beta at the moment will be a cursory read through of your first chapter and a vague synopsis of what you think is going to happen with the story (don't include massive spoilers if you don't want to) so I know where you want to go. I'll try and do a detailed review of what I think about that fanfic as a whole - if there's something I think you should really work on (e.g. characterisation or the general plot; not spelling, that can be improved over time :D) then I'll ask you to rewrite that chapter and generally rethink your story. If I think I'll be able to beta more effectively with your story, then I will stick around for other chapters! (Of course with one-shots, this won't be a problem...)

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I'm quite big on characterisation and continuity, especially with stories that are easier to read up on again (e.g. Death Note, House, Sherlock). I like to make sure that the story sounds realistic unless of course it is meant to sound satirical etc. Spelling and Grammar is not usually a problem, but some people turn their spellcheck off (an unwise move) and so they miss a few annoying things which I'll point out in due course.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I've talked about authors talking to me about styles before sending me their work. The reason this is important is because I'm very very very picky about things that I think 'don't sound right' unless I know that the author meant for that particular phrase to sound that /

Another annoying weakness is time. Although I (especially in the holidays/breaks) will always try and find time to read your work, I am in the final years of secondary school (that's final years of high school to every one else) and I am anticipating quite a lot of work-related absences. So if you expect your story to be read within the week on the outset, you'd best off be with another beta with more time :D.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
As clichéd as it may sound, I am a complete sucker for a good, well-thought-out plot and as a result great writing. The kind of thing that makes you really want to know what happens next, however much you don't really like the genre I am the most willing to beta.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Unless you really think you have a decent shot at it, I'd rather not read extreme!fantasy fanfics. By this, I mean that I don't want fairies to suddenly appear in Death Note without prior explanation or for example there not being some kind of link to the Shinigami world. But if you think you've pulled it off, then I'm game for a try. I'm also a bit reluctant to review 'Spiritualist' or 'Western' genre-d stories, unless, again, you think you've pulled it off properly. After all, those are just pet hates, they're not really as a result of any bad stories I've /

The one thing which I just won't won't won't beta are songfics. SONGFICS. To me, they are the cesspool of bad fanfiction (no personal offence if you love them) and I just don't even want to see it rather than read it. Sorry. :'D

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