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Author has written 14 stories | Fruits Basket, Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Homestuck.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm a beta-reader who doesn't judge a writer from past work, but what they show me. I'm an author of some admittedly shitty stories (literally cringe inducing) but I haven't let those stumbles stop my current progress as a developing writer. I'm a big fan of stories that are very descriptive about their scenes and I always get a really big reader's boner from when I can picture myself inside scenes with all of its sights, scents, and atmosphere.

I would like to say that my style is going with the flow and very open minded with anything someone wants me to take a look at.

My expectations for anyone who would request for my services is to always keep a positive attitude whenever I give advice and feedback because I'm only here to help you, not tear you down and make you never want to write again. I enjoy discussing story development and can only hope that the writers I beta for are willing to go back and forth with me to dig deeper into the plot. I also expect authors to be straightforward with what they want me to look for. Spelling and grammar is a giving, but if you just tell me to look at your story and not explain exactly what you want me to read for, I won't be much help.

My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Writer Strengths

Building a Likable character

Something most writers have problems with is the proper way to make your characters likable. If you make your main character who gets nothing but trouble and is generally an asshole, it won't surprise them at all if they suddenly get hurt or killed. The same thing goes for characters that have done really bad things in the past but want to change their ways, if you can't make the audience sympathize with his reasoning, a reader won't stick around and continue reading because they'll most likely think the character didn't deserve all the good things they'll get.

Describing a scene to make it more realistic

Settings are important; they're where are characters interact and build a story from. Simply writing; "They stood in a room." is too plain and doesn't give any insight as to how the scene is going to play out. But when you add details that appeal to the readers senses such as; "They stood paralyzed inside the dark and dank room." it allows the readers to get insight on how the room looks and feels and how the character is reacting to the setting.

Writing motivations for character's actions

A obvious thing when writing a story is how a character goes about reacting to a situation. If a writer writes that character A punches character B, one can assume he's upset. But if you add that the two were jokingly messing around prior to the action, one can assume that he did it without the intent to harm. This also goes for murder stories; why does one character want to kill the other? Are they insane? Do they have a grudge? Are they being payed? People sometimes forget that characters in books are people too and are just as dynamic as real people in our lives. People don't just do something for no reason. Even "because he/she wanted to." is still a reason.

Beta reader Strengths

Open Minded

Plain and simple. I like to read and more often then not, I will read whatever someone asks of me because that person had the courage to ask me to review.

My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
As a Writer

Interactions between multiple characters

I love writing about single character building situations but when two or more characters are in a scene, I have trouble trying to write exactly what I want to happen between them all. It's something I'm putting to the challenge now with some recent works of mine but I hope to improve on.

Keeping Characters in character

I feel everyone has this feeling when they're writing since we weren't the ones who came up with the characters originally but I wouldn't say I'm terrible at this. It's something that's judged right away when reading though.

As a Betareader

Too Nice?

I call myself out whenever I say something really nice about a story but fail to point out some flaws in fear of upsetting an author. I'm trying harder now, but I think its still something that I could work on.

Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I'm a hopeless romantic to the core and would probably prioritize a romantic themed story over an adventure one. I'm not saying I won't read anything else but those are probably my favorites.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
I like happy endings or something positive so I would say that I won't read tragedies. Strangely enough though, I will read horrors so long as they don't END in tragedy.

I also absolutely despise mindless character bashing (doesn't matter which character, hate it all regardless) and I will refuse to read any stories with even a bit of it suggested. This sort of ties in with making sure that characters are in character, don't write a character who is normally a very sweet character in situations as a dick/bitch just because you hate them and want them to look bad; if you're going to, at least make the situation very plausible and possible.

Changing the personality of a character just because you hate (or love!) them doesn't make it the same character anymore. If you have to change their key characteristics like mindsets or values to make them appeal to you, it would probably be better to find a better suited character. (On that note, you don't have to listen to anything I write because it's still your story and you can write whatever the fuck you want. Just don't expect me to read it.)

(Emaly Good FanFic Tip: If you read all the good fanfics you know on the internet . They cannocially are friends so you should write them as such.)

I'll be honest when I say that I can't find myself reading for a bunch of stories that have tons of OCs in them. Ones fine, possibly two, but no more than that. To me, it makes it easier to comprehend thought processes of characters I already know and not ones I'm still learning about.

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