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Author has written 10 stories | Underland Chronicles, Harry Potter, Ranger's Apprentice, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Fullmetal Alchemist.
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Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I like stories that are upbeat, keep the characters in character, and stories that make you want to sit inside and read them all day long. I really enjoy fantasy and I like sci-fi as well. When I review things for my friends I help them with grammar and punctuation, but I also find that I enjoy conversing about their stories and getting all the chinks out. If you wish to acquire my services you must be serioius about writing. I don't like it when author's get about halfway through a story and then go on a "haitus", and then never write the story again. It's okay to take breaks, but if you decide to stop writing a story- tell your readers!
I also like an author to have read what they have written before they send it/post it. It's better if they look at it just in case they have written something that doesn't sound quite like they wanted it to.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
I've never beta-read before, but I do like to read and REVIEW every story that catches my attention. I have taken advanced placement English classes my entire life, and I like to think that I have good skills as a grammar/punctuation analyist. When writing I like to keep my plots upbeat and moving, so that's probably what I'll be looking for in your stories. I have experience reviewing stories before they go on the web from a few friends in town, although I've never had the official title of BETA reader.
My real talent is finding the chinks in your story. The questions that most people might not think about. I love to play the devil's advocate and my friends and I are constanly arguing about the tiny details in our stories (The arguments are defienetly friendly- I promise)
And while I don't like to be corrected I can take criticism well. I like to improve my skills and If I am wrong about something I don't think that it will be too hard to come to me and tell me. I promise I won't bit off any heads!
The thing that I like about writing/Readig fanfiction is the encouragement. I like to encourage my fellow fans and it just brightens up my day when I get a nice review that gives me some tips on how to write even better. I want to be able to help more people!
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Well I would have to say that my biggest weakness is getting caught up in the story. Sometimes I have to read a new chapter a few times to get a good feel for the grammar and sentence flow, just because I am so excited over a cliff hanger! This is also a problem I have when writing/reviewing my own stories. Most of the time I just read my own chapters, I cant critique them because I don't have an outsiders point of view.
I also have a problem with trying to take on too much at one time :) Sometimes I just get so excited about so many new projects that I get overwhelmed, but thankfully it all works out in the end.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I would prefer to beta read stories from books that I have read. I also enjoy stories that are rated K-T just because I know what I'm getting into. I really enjoy readig fantasy, anime, and Christian Fiction. Here are some of the books that I have read-
The Underland Chronicles, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Ranger's Apprentice, Cirque Du Freak, Twilight, Dragons in our Midst, Alex Rider,Maximum Ride, ( I know I've read more I'm just drawing a blank...)
(PM me if you have a book that I don't have on my list- i may have read the series and forgotten to add it. If I haven't read it I might even go get it so I can beta your story!)
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Well I don't read M stories. Some of them go against my morals and some of them are just plain disgusting. I don't enjoy sex scenes and I don't like child abuse. Also Twilight is really Really REALLY not my "cup of tea". It's more of a cup of putrid-burning-lava melting away my best china. Stephenie Meyer tried her best but even if she asked me to Beta read her NEXT book I would turn it down. Sorry Edward.
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