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Author has written 3 stories | Batman, and Star Wars.
β : Hitman of Gotham is a registered beta reader and is currently accepting beta reading requests.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
I'm new to FanFiction.Net but I've been writing and editing most of my life. I've done quite a bit of beta reading and evaluating at several online clubs and sites as well. I'm going to break pattern from the other betas and say that I'm really not a perfectionist. :) I'll give you my opinions and I'm certainly willing to discuss things with you and act as a sounding board, but I'm from the old editorial school of "if a writer needs you to push him to produce, then make that push toward the exit door." So if you're lazy I'm not the writing version of a personal trainer. Grammar and spelling: I can catch some things but I'm by no stretch of the imagination perfect. This is why they give us spelling and grammar checks in virtually every word processing program I'm aware of, please use them.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Action Scenes, character interaction, and mood. You can take a look at any of my stories for examples of this. I can also be a bit of a continuity monitor. I really don't care if your story fits into accepted canon for a series, thats why its fan fiction, but I do care strongly that your story or series respects its own continuity.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I tend to 'judge' characters. If I'm aware I'm doing this I step back and try to be as impartial as possible, but I do have a tendency to lose interest in a plot or story if a main character whether protagonist or antagonist is unbelievable good, evil, naive, etc. Also since I see a lot of it here I'll mention that while I watch anime at times, I'm almost completely unfamiliar with it so don't expect me to know if you're getting a Cowboy BeBop character right. I CAN tell you if you write that character consistently in your own work though.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
Any of my fandoms really. Star Wars I'm extensively knowledgeable about.Virtually any mainstream comics before the great loss of talent and ability that seemed to occur around 2000 or so. After that I really don't know details and don't want to. The few that have leaked to me (Batman dead, Luke Cage Sorcerer Supreme) make me shudder if thats your thing I'll try and read it but I won't be much help on canon. Star Trek of any variety, and Stargate as well. Basically if its sci-fi, horror, fanatsy, or comic related there's a good chance I can help.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Slash. Plain and simple. Anything that *remotely* approaches it will be flatly rejected. I don't mind extreme language, extreme violence, or even walks to the edge on the horror side. I can deal with all of that and actually sometimes enjoy it if done well. Also I prefer to have any sexual scenes be of the soft R variety or less, this is an area in my opinion where suggestion is more effective than description. Even that will make me give that section a very shallow glance when reading so be warned if bodice rippers are your thing then I'm not your guy. I should also mention that I have listed Green Lantern as a fandom I'll beta for, by Green Lantern I mean Hal Jordan or Alan Scott. Maybe Guy Gardner anything after that travesty DC perpetrated called Parallax is best kept far far away from my editorial pen.
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