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since: 02-22-10, id: 2265689
Author has written 4 stories | The Santa Clause, Voyage of the Unicorn, and Great Mouse Detective.
Icewine Rose is a registered beta reader but is currently not accepting beta reading requests: on hiatus/vacation.
Icewine Rose has left a vacation message:
Overwhelm is a bitch. I should be back soon, and in a better mental state to properly critique your works. Thank you for your patience.
Beta Description
Beta Bio: general description as a beta reader
'Sup? I provide troll-esque reviews in a safe environment, so you can see a worst case scenario of a dick reader without the added side effect of me actually being a dick. Think less edgelord, and more Mystery Science Theater 3000. My goal is to make you laugh while enlightening some points of your story that people might see as silly, cliche, weak, or will pull them out of the story. All comments will be aimed at the writing itself, not you as an author because that's douchier than I'm willing to go. Please note: I am beta-reading your work, not editing it. I will read your story, take notes and give you a summary explanation of my suggestions/fixes on whichever chat venue you prefer. I will not be doing line by line edits unless specifically asked for, and do not ask me to edit it unless you're willing to pay for it. Like, with real money. Dead serious.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
General story patterns, characterizations, proper use of tropes, help with tone issues, how to present the story in an effective manner without reminding your audience they're reading a story. Basically, how to control the information you're giving your audience and whether it's creating the effect you want.
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
Fucking comas! That aside, while I have a passable grasp of grammar and spelling, some of the finer points evade me. The only other thing that could be an issue is if I only have a fuzzy memory of the source material. There are few that I am fluent in, so I may not pick up on inside jokes or references as readily. However, I will also tell you if I'm unsure or don't know something. I'm more than comfortable in my fallibility.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I'm actually open to reading anything, honestly. Any fandom I've checked off on here is one I have at least a passing familiarity with, but I'm open to reading stuff from fandoms I'm not a part of or know nothing about. Really, the best course of action is to just ask, 'cause I'm probably gonna say yes. I can appreciate a good story, regardless of the genre.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
In terms of writing, nothing. The worse it is, the easier to mock! Mwahahahaha! But seriously, I'm about presentation, not the subject matter. I'm an adult. I can handle it. Come at me! I also tend to have the view of "it doesn't matter if I ship it, just tell me a good story and I'll go with it" mindset. However, butthurt authors prickling that I pointed out issues with their perfect story irritates me, especially since they asked me to beta read. Please don't do that. It's immature. Either take the criticism or don't ask for it in the first place. It's okay if you just want to write for fun and put it up for whoever wants it, regardless of quality. But if you want me to beta-read, please keep in mind that I'm trying to help, and I have all the best intentions for you and your work. Unless I'm actually being an asshole. Then all bets are off.
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