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Author has written 8 stories | Warehouse 13, X-Files, and Hannibal.
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I read ff way more than I write. I have been having a love affair with Sherlock Holmes for seven years. He is, in my opinion, the greatest fictional character ever invented. Stephen Moffat is my personal god for adapting Sherlock Holmes into the modern day, and doing it SO WELL. For other reasons too, but that's the main one. Actually, I have yet to watch an episode of Doctor Who written by Moffat that I haven't absolutely loved. His writhing style is similar to how mine would be if I could be bothered to write a full length story and not silly one shots. Also, if I were a better writer. Basically I aspire to write like Moffat. I go through reading (and writing) in phases. I came to this site with Buffy, then moved to the Stargateverse, then Dead Like Me, then Warehouse 13, then Sanctuary, then Harry Potter, then X-Files, then Star Trek, then Sherlock. Right Now it's Doctor Who.
My Strengths: beta, writing, or reading strengths
Since I tend to go through shows in splurges, I soak up every little bit of stuff I can find on one fandom then I move n. I'm like a FF vampire, lol. But a result of that is that I am fairly good at spotting canon and characterization errors within the things I have loved. Buffy and Star Trek not so much, 'cause they''ve got that whole Expanded Universe thing going on that I wasn't aware of until after I lost interest in them. I am a spelling and grammar nazi. I can check for plot discontinuity, both as it matches with canon and within your specific story. I can get things back fairly quickly, say in one to three days depending on what time of year it is. I like the way words flow, and can probably help you with that. I am an avid reader of TV Tropes and can converse fluently in their language, if you need :)
My Weaknesses: beta, writing, or reading weaknesses
I am not very good at the romance. I cannot tell good romance from bad romance. Also, I do not know how to write OCs. If you have them in your story I will ignore them because I don't know what to do with them. I am not the person you want to help you flesh out your plot. My imagination doesn't often run in tangent with other people's, and it will only frustrate you and me to try to help you with writing a plot. I can take care of your non OC characters, your parallel to canon, and your mechanics but the plot is up to you.
Preferred: types of stories I prefer over others
I may have mentioned this, but I love Moffat's work. If you look at your story, look at something of Moffat's, and go "huh. I'm seeing a similarity" you better send it to me :) Branching off that, I love convoluted time travel plots, and surprise endings that nobody saw coming. If you have stories of this kind YAY! send 'em my way! I love friendship, family, bromance, slash, and fluff. Holmes and Watson (the way I see them, anyway) are the perfect relationship, regardless of if they're sleeping together or not. Some people hate cliches. I don't have any particular problem with them If they didn't work, they wouldn't still be being used. Anything not listed below, I will read.
Would Rather Not: I do not beta for these stories
Explicit sex. Rape. Child abuse. AUs that don't have a supernatural or sci-fi twist to them. If you take a mundane story, such as, IDK, Glee, and set it in the 51st century with aliens and stuff, it instantly becomes better in my mind. Dong the opposite, taking people like The Doctor and Donna and making them work in a coffeeshop or go to high school just doesn't do it for me. Most crack and parody. Meta. God, I hate metafics.
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